Top 10 Avoidable Behaviours During Pregnancy

The safety and wellbeing of an unborn baby is the utmost priority for a pregnant woman. Providentially, it is possible to safeguard the baby by steering clear from risks that have potential to create complications or be detrimental to the baby.

The following 10 behaviours must be avoided during pregnancy to ensure a safe and sound pregnancy.

  1. Avoiding stressful situations

    Episodes of stress and anxiety assaults the body in unexpected ways. For instance, stress during pregnancy leads to improper bowel clearance, back aches, wakefulness and cause preterm or underweight delivery.

  2. Avoiding tobacco inhalationSafe Pregnancy Tips

    Smoking has scarring effects on the foetus and the mother and should totally be kept at bay. It is so damaging that expectant women must also keep away from second hand smoke.  Smoking during pregnancy leads to lesser oxygen supply to the foetus that could lead to retarded growth and below normal birth weight. Tobacco smoke has additionally been associated to untimely labour and other complications during pregnancy.

  3. Stoppage of Over-the-Counter Medicines

    Over-the-counter medications or OTC’s inclusive of aspirin must be kept away from, except when the doctor has particularly given approval, as all that is ingested seeps past the placental wall and reaches the foetus.

  4. Cat Litters are toxic

    Rarely one’s pet cat could be a carrier of toxoplasmosis, hence it is always better to get somebody else in charge of changing the cat’s litter container during one’s pregnancy. In case one does not have any helper at hand, then it would be safer to don plastic hand gloves and thoroughly washing one’s hands soon after. Toxoplasmosis is an ailment that could lead to birth anomalies among infants. Stray cats could contract it when they consume preys that are carriers of toxoplasmosis, and the cat might not essentially be symptomatic. Though this does not translate to the fact that one has to let go of one’s pet cat while pregnant.

  5. No caffeinated drinks

    While pregnant, it is always prudent to keep away from coffees, teas or soda which has caffeine in them as consuming caffeine would mean one is additionally feeding the same to the foetus. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the heart and brain and is a habit-forming substance having drug-alike properties.

  6. Vitamin A in excess is bad

    Vitamin A is abundantly found in several food items, one would rarely find someone having a dearth of vitamin A in their system. In case one is having excessive amounts of vitamin A while pregnant, it could have toxic effects on the foetus and lead to birth anomalies and miscarriage. About 770microgms Vitamin A is requisite for pregnancy. When breastfeeding, 1300micrograms are needed by the body. In case the label is measuring in IU or international unit, then one could have an intake of ten thousand IUs of vitamin A.

  7. Evade Pesticides inclusive of paint

    The initial three months of pregnancy is the time when the nervous system of the foetus is summarily developing, hence it is particularly essential to keep away from pesticides and lethal fumes in that period of time. It is important to study the labels on household cleaning agents for lethal substances and consciously choose innate cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar.

  8. Elude Saunas, Jacuzzi and tanning parlours

    Overheating is a common occurrence among expectant women because of the hormonal fluctuations and the added heat arising from the baby’s body. Studies reveal that those women during pregnancy who did suffer from overheating due to sauna and Jacuzzi gave birth to babies that had neural flaws (improperly functioning brain and spinal cord). Additionally tanning beds must be evaded as skin that has been overstretched during pregnancy is more prone to getting burnt.

  9. Avoiding fish that have mercury content in them

    Fish varieties like sharks, swordfishes, king mackerels, fresh tuna fish, sea bass and tilefish have been observed to have levels of mercury present in their fatty tissues. Portion-sized light tuna obtainable in canned form have lesser proportion of mercury in them, even then must be consumed moderately. Huge quantities of mercury consumed during pregnancy could lead to significant brain damage in the foetus. Those fond of fishing in the local lakes and rivers must be wary of the fish that have the presence of industrial impurities known as PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls present in their fatty tissues. For instance, bluefish, striped bass and fishes present in fresh waters like salmons, pikes, trouts and walleye from polluted water sources like lakes and rivers must be avoided. However, one needs to bear in mind that this is applicable to merely those that fish in the local water sources and is not meant for those who buy fish from grocery marts. One could verify with the local health department to ascertain if the fish present in one’s locality are free of any form of toxins. Ingestion of huge quantities of PCB’s by expectant mothers has been associated with lowered attention spans, memory and Intelligence quotient among babies.

  10. Steering clear from Alcohol

    Alcoholic drinks in any form must not be had when pregnant. In case one has a drink, the alcohol is known to pass via the bloodstream into the placenta with analogous potency of the drink being experienced by the foetus as one is exposed to when drinking. However taking into consideration the size of the baby and yet to develop, the effects of alcohol on the foetus could be detrimental – the child could be born having FAS or fetal alcohol syndrome and optionally face cognitive and physical flaws. Alcohol irrespective of amount is deemed unsafe during pregnancy. All ingested and drunk and everything not consumed could have a major influence on the growth of the foetus. Hence being aware of what one must keep away from could be beneficial in making the right choices in order to facilitate a normal pregnancy. In addition, few women uncover this as the idyllic occasion to make life-altering variations for improving their own overall health.

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