Tips & Tricks for Disciplining Babies – Part II

Elucidated herewith is a parental guide with several tips to effortlessly handle and discipline babies.

The Baby deliberately spills foods or throws cup/utensil from his high-chair

Your little bundle of joy is learning ways of using his/her hands and additionally uncovering the wonderful experience of gravity. Apart from this, behaving in such a manner guarantees reactions from people close by who may be busy with other things.

Apt Response

Discipline to kidsBased on how much time & vigour you have, mom-child could continue playing the dropping-&-picking game till any one of you’ll tire out or boredom sets in. Optionally mothers could ultimately simply let the fallen food or object remain on the ground for conveying to the infant that the games have concluded. Seeing nobody around for playing with, the infant would shortly modify the game.

It is vital to bear in mind that your infant is not refusing foods which were prepared for him/her or showing defiance. The baby merely is keen on playing and interacting with you. In case a parent is not a willing candidate for playing fetching the beaker then getting the baby out of his/her high-chair and giving some real toy for playing. Some fun-filled moments would help in getting the baby to the stage where he/she will show willingness for being seated and eating food. Also try leaving the beaker on the ground where the baby hurled it and saying ‘good-bye, beaker’ and then sitting in front of the infant and eating your foods the manner one would like the child to be eating his/her food. The key is keeping it fun-filled and synergistic and the infant would ultimately to be following the parent’s lead.

The Baby bites &/or hits

Since word development has not yet taken place in babies hence they employ the means they posses – hand and mouth for experimenting on recognizable and accessible individuals – his/her parent, sister/brother, day care providers or babysitters. Such preliminary nipping and smacking are also frequently mischievous light-hearted communication and not to be mistaken as the baby having belligerent tendency.

Apt Response

As the little one’s hitting is in most likelihood not malevolent, however gesturing of frustrations or affections that have been wrongly directed, hence steer clear from yelling at the child and in its place playing ‘showing-&-telling’. Demonstrating to the baby the manner in which one pets or being tender with hands, saying ‘kissing your sister’, ‘petting the cat’ or ‘hugging our friends’. In case the baby lashes out in aggravation then helping him/her with the reason inciting his reaction and verbalizing his/her annoyance ‘When Roby cannot do it, he gets angry’. The baby might not comprehend what you say now; however he would be able to grasp the tenor and adjust to the parent’s fine exemplar.

Baby Screams & Yells

An Infant is surprised at the shock-potency of his/her voice. Envisage a small infant managing to get a crowded room of grown-ups to halt and gawk – isn’t that baby-power.

Apt Response

Try making the decree that the infant solely screams in the lawn. No sooner do you sense that the shrieking is going to burst out then ushering the child to his designated location and let his screams melt into the breeze. In case the climatic conditions and scenarios are not permitting the outdoors verbal discharge & the child is in a calm mood then resorting to the tactic like ‘try giving Papa your pleasant voice’. No sooner the shrill-mouth has the wordings for expressing his/her wants, that ‘pleasant voice’ one longs for would shortly surface. Try establishing a bawling room’ afterwards christening it to ‘the whinging room’ where you steer the little brat when he/she begs for that additional chocolate.

Infant puts up a tussle during dressing up time

Disciplining toddlersDiapering and getting dressed up times are custom-made for conflicts. Children’s agendas are mostly not matching that of the parents and are too fascinated observing areas of their bodies, or wanting diaper on or not happy with the tenderness in his/her ears on pulling down smallish neck holes in their tees.

Apt Response

Try transforming these into games like – hide & seek or ask the infant where is his/her hands while one puts the arms in the sleeves and then saying ‘here’s one and the other one’. Optionally one could croon to the tunes of bogey-bogey ‘put-your-left-hand-in- put-your-left-hand-out’ &-shake-it-all-around’. This way the infant would show interest and co-operation during dressing. In case the fussiness refuses to budge then choosing hassle-free clothing for the child that could be put on with ease and having least button and snap. Once the child is around two years old, he/she would like to select his/her own clothes and let him/her decide on what’s to be worn thus giving greater independence which the child yearns.

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