Tips & Tricks for Disciplining Babies – Part I

Noble endeavours at disciplining an infant could be truly exasperating and patience-testing particularly when parental requests are constantly going unheeded. However it could also hone our parental skills. Trust is the foundation for any type of disciplining and kids trusting their mother or father to provide him/her foods and comforting when required would also have faith in them when they warn the child about not doing something. Hence, for below two year old kids disciplining is not about punishment and time-out but confidence and trust building measures like being always responsive to the child’s cries, carrying him/her around in carriers or slings and spend loads of time cuddling the child.

Undoubtedly if disciplining an infant was that easy and straightforward, many of you would not be scanning through this post. The most in-tuned parent and baby are bound to experience frustrating wearisome times. However trying to understand behaviours from the kid’s viewpoint would assist parents in reacting aptly for guiding his/her actions. At times when one gets out of oneself and into the infant, it saves one from getting mentally strained. So, henceforth when your toddler does some nerve-racking deed then reminding yourself of the disciplining tip – Try looking through the eyes of your little one and you would be right on most occasions.

When handling children certain maddening situations could make parents feel short of options on what could be done to salvage them. Here are some disciplining tips and strategies for all to inculcate and benefit from.

The infant touches or grabs something unsafe

Tips for disciplining childrenReason for their behaviour
Curiosity makes toddlers do insane things like pulling, pushing, grabbing, dropping and throwing, be it your Blackberry or the searing oven flap. They love to explore their surroundings via feeling & mouthing is the manner in which infants find out.

Apt Response
Rather that the unceasing ‘No’s’ (that merely embeds the word into the infant’s nascent vocab), saying ‘Not for you’ while making attempts at distracting and diverting the infant from dangerous situations or naughtiness. Try calling out the child’s name which could take him/her by-surprise making the child transitorily not remember what the pursuit was. No sooner has attention been grasped then swiftly directing the infant’s notice prior to him/her getting into some kind of troubles.

Giving your ‘Dora-the explorer’ word links to assist her in sorting out what she can and cannot touch. Like saying ‘yes touching’ spoken to depict safe items, ‘no touching’ for indicating harmful items and ‘soft touching’, ‘petting’ and ‘patting’ for face and animal. For taming reckless grabbers, try to encourage the use of ‘1-finger touching’. In case of heated kitchen items, fire place and other such areas, try encouraging the use of ‘ouch touch’ and keeping all vessels employed to cook on the back-burner and other domestic devices far from reachable distance of little ones.

Apart from the importance of showing the infant what his/her boundaries are, but additionally showing what is his/hers analogously.

For instance, in case you are busy dicing vegetables in the kitchen using a chopping knife & your little one is captivated enough to try joining in the revelry then stating ‘Not for You’ ‘This is Mom’s Knife’ and ‘This is your ladle’. Such a method is known as the ‘Substituting & Redirecting’ approach that many moms by now have implemented a zillion times, giving the child a substitute plaything while one is doing away with an item that he/she cannot have. Hence, supposing the infant picks up a fragile item then do not snap ‘Don’t touch it’ as you seize the item away as it would mostly be triggering irate protests. Instead tell the child ‘Not for you’ as one takes the delicate object out of his hands and sight while placing some plaything or toys in his/her hands as a substitute.

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