Charting the Menstrual Cycle for Enhanced Fertility–Part II

Though it might require some extent of detective effort, and be slightly disconcerting to a number of women but finding out how to spot variations in the cervical mucus is an uncomplicated and vastly effectual method of forecasting ovulation. A latest study outcome found that it has far greater accuracy in forecasting ovulation as compared to checking Basal Body Temperature (BBT), though it could be employed in combination with it.

The cervix releases mucus that would serve various uses. When the woman is not in her ovulation phase or nearing it then cervical mucus averts sperm entry inside the uterus during a time when a woman could not conceive anyways. During the menstrual cycle when a woman approaches her ovulation phase, her cervix would start increasingly secreting mucus. A woman’s cervical mucus would become clear, thread-similar and stretchy texture when she is highly fertile. During this instant, the mucus would in fact shield the sperm and assist it as it charts its course in the direction of the egg.

In case of females having a twenty-eight menstrual cycle, the series of alterations in the mucus secreted from the cervix could appear as what is explicated below.

  • The Menstrual CycleDays (one to five) – Menses onset.
  • Days (six to nine) – Vaginal area drying up with hardly any or absence of mucus.
  • Days (ten to twelve) – Gooey, dense mucus would start appearing and then eventually possess lesser thickness and become increasingly whiter.
  • Days (thirteen to fifteen) – Mucus would become thin, slithery, clear, with egg white similar consistency. This is the highly fertile phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • Days (sixteen to twenty-one) – Mucus would once more become gluey and dense.
  • Days (twenty-two to twenty-eight) – Vaginal drying would occur.

But, a woman’s monthly period cycle would possibly vary from the above outline, probably considerably due to which marking variations in one’s fertility chart would be beneficial.

Preferably, one must be checking the cervical mucus on a day-to-day basis, probably on each instant one visits the loo. When the vagina opening is rubbed with some absorbent paper or with finger tips – following hand-washing, one could notice the cervical mucus. After examining the colour and thickness in-between finger tips, one could jot it on paper.

Position of Cervix and the Menstrual Cycle

One could also learn about the menstrual cycle by examining cervical position. When duo fingers are inserted within the vagina, the cervix could be felt at the end. Prior to a woman ovulating, cervical palpitation would reveal hardness and dryness in that area. When a woman is ovulating, the cervical position would appear to have budged higher than normal and more wet and soft on palpitation. But, one needs to ensure that the hands are sanitized at all times prior to one prodding around for clues. For a definite diagnosis, this job is best left to the specialists.

Ovulation Prediction Kit

Ovulation Prediction Kit or OPK is a usually effectual means of spotting when ovulation takes place, particularly in case one is having an erratic cycle and could be bought from medical or drug stores. When the leutenizing hormone or LH is tested in the urine, the OPKs could reveal whether one is having a rise in the levels of leutinizing hormone (LH) which would precede ovulation around twelve to thirty-six hours. But, in case a woman has PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) then LH levels might persistently show high levels which would make the OPK non-reliable. Some OPK brands have an in-built automated screen which does an analysis of hormone levels present in the urine.

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