Symptoms of Hernia in Infants

Hernia is a condition marked by protrusion of internal tissues or an organ through a weakened region of muscle wall or a hole. In case development of muscles is not completed within the mother’s womb, infants might also develop hernia. This means, the premature babies are more likely to suffer from hernia as often the muscles in their body are not fully developed at the time of birth. In this article, we will be discussing about the signs of hernia in infants:

Groin bulge:

Hernia in infantsAppearance of a bump or bulge in the baby’s groin region is the most common sign of inguinal hernia. The baby boys mostly get the bulge in their scrotum; on the other hand, girls and some boys get the bulge in any other part of their groin. The bulge can be seen always or can be intermittently visible.

Abdominal bulge:

Umbilical hernia is marked by formation of a bump or bulge in the baby’s abdomen, in the surrounding area of belly button. A baby develops umbilical hernia due to incomplete growth of his abdominal muscles. Abdominal bulge caused by hernia usually becomes apparent when babies cough, cry, strain or scream. However, in some babies, the bulge always stays apparent.

Symptoms of hernia in infantsIrritability and pain:

Generally, the hernias in babies are painless. However, if you find that your baby is experiencing pain when the bulge is touched, it might indicate occurrence of incarcerated hernia. Incarcerated hernias are more serious compared to other forms of hernia occurring in infants. This hernia type involves trapping of a part of the baby’s intestines within the bulged region. If the baby is too small, he might not be able to express the ongoing pain; in such situation they tend to cry continuously or become extremely irritable. The bulge in a baby with incarcerated hernia might not disappear or reduce in size even when the baby rests.

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