Swine Flu: Crucial Life-Saving Information For Parents

The query that seems to be gnawing into the minds of countless parents is ‘How best could I shield my kid from swine flu?’

Here is what renowned child specialists have to say regarding this matter.

What could parents do to safeguard their kids from swine flu?

The solution lies in always being heedful and keeping a close watch on the kids. Parents need to strictly adhere to the regular suggested practices for lowering the chances of the infection spreading. This would translate to frequently washing one’s hands, staying away from hugely crowded areas, avoiding direct contact with the sickly person. In case the child has fallen ill, then staying back home is the best course of action and this holds true for their parents as well.

What must one do at workplace or in a play area?

In case one is out in public places, where there are cases of someone coughing, then it is best to keep away from that person. A rule all must follow is covering up the mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing.

How does one comprehend whether to be apprehensive in one’s own neighbourhood?

One needs to already be alarmed enough regarding both the seasonal flu and the pandemic swine flu to be mulling over getting the kids inoculated for both of them as soon as they become accessible. It is also imperative to comprehend if the flu is prevalent in one’s neighbourhood.

Symptoms of swine flu in childrenThe CDC and APP websites would help one in keeping tabs about the nationwide flu developments; it is the responsibility of the state and locally placed health departments to keep an eye on the flu status in one’s neighbourhood. It is crucial to be attentive to the locally placed media and health department’s website. In case one has not yet done so, then it is important to make the child learn how to scrupulously wash their hands and teaching that coughing and sneezing must be done at the crook of the arm or into the elbow, and not onto the hands which is the wrong manner.

It is always prudent to keep kids far from sickly individuals. In case one deciphers the flu has taken rampant proportions in one’s neighbourhood, then one might need to keep the kid away from swarms and packed places – particularly in case the child is below five years of age or for any child who is asthmatic or has an acute medical condition that raises the risk of acute flu disease.

If infections have been cited in own locality, what is the significantly imperative thing that parents need to do then?

Following the regular preventative measures. Parents need to begin mulling over what they would do or what planning would be done in a hypothetical situation when schools or day cares would be closed down. This would translate to stocking up on vital reserves, victuals and making preparations for infant care. Parents need to begin considering these aspects from now onwards.

What recommendations should parents follow that have school-going children?

Except for those locations where the infection is rampant, there is no need for closing schools, or halting movie screenings or doing other things for averting infection. Depending on the information received regarding the virus in particular locations, the authorities might shut down day care facilities and public events. However, parents need not pull out their kids from day care or schools except when the public health authorities have specifically suggested to do so.

In circumstances alike this, at times mass panic and individuals overreacting is bound to occur. What then needs to be done regarding this?

One needs to be watchful of the on-goings in one’s area. There would always be a certain section of individuals that are going be paranoid and would stop their children from going to school. However, it would be unnecessary at this point in time. Following the advice of public health authorities is vital. The headship needs to guide the masses about the true situation and inform all if matters turn grave. The crucial aspect is not going over the top about it, but following exactly what is to be done in accordance to the public health suggestions.

If the child were to fall ill, then what would be the signs of swine flu among infants?

Common cold and influenza are widely different from one another. Typically, those kids infected with influenza would have abrupt onset of high fever alongside respiratory signs, chills. Elder kids would suffer from headaches, itchiness and soreness in the throat and aching muscles. Kids would have congestion in their nose and would be coughing.

What must parents do in case their kids have flu-similar signs?

During the present flu season, it is vital to keep the sickly kids at home till at least a day subsequent to their symptoms subsiding.

In case these is slight illness, or similar to flu, along with fever, chills, head and body aches, cough, soreness in throat, then such kids must surely be kept away from school or day care. These kids need to continue taking their requisite doses of Tylenol and Motrin. Parents need to be encouraged to always keep the kid hydrated.

In case, the kid is five years or more, and is otherwise is ideal health, then the doctor needs to be consulted, the kids need to be given ample fluids and get enough rest.

In case, the kid is lesser than five years or a child, irrespective of age is ailing from a medical condition, for instance is asthmatic, diabetic or is having a neurologic problem, then the doctor needs to be promptly contacted and requisite medical attention be offered. Younger-aged children or those kids having protracted medical conditions are at risk of grave disease in case they contract either the seasonal flu or the pandemic swine flu.

What specific symptoms do the parents need to especially be watchful about?

Parents need to be heedful about any symptoms that could exacerbate, if there is any breathing distress, if they are unable to swallow or if there is inadequate urination, any tetchy behaviour despite fever symptoms allaying, any presence of rashes or is their fever or flu signs fluctuating between getting fine and deteriorating again.

Urgent medical assistance needs to be sought in case the child has:

  • There is a bluish or ashen skin colour.
  • Not consuming adequate fluids.
  • Having acute or recurrent vomiting spells.
  • The child does not wake up or does not interact.
  • Child is exhibiting such irritability that he/she doesn’t even desire to be held.
  • Having flu-similar signs improving, only to relapse with fever and deteriorating cough.
  • Having other ailments like cardiovascular or lung condition, is diabetic, or asthmatic and contracts flu signs inclusive of fever and cough.

What could an infant’s temperature indicate whether they require medical assistance?

Any infant who is below two to three months of age must certainly be checked out with a fever. In case an above two years child is symptomatic, they do not essentially require visiting the doctor. In case there are other medical issues like cardiovascular ailments, a lung disease, chronic asthmatic condition, even when such kids are showing mild symptoms, they need to be shown to the doctor. This also holds true for those kids with depleted immune systems.

Any kid having a 100.8 and above temperature and is appearing lethargic would need medical assistance. Parents need to avoid getting panicky and keep abreast of the latest news on the disease.

What are the accessible swine flu treatments for kids?

The susceptibility of this virus to antiviral medicines such as Tamiflu and Relenza has been proven. These drugs are in ample stock. Tamiflu when administered in the span of 2 days from the inception time would curtail the course. Its usage is dependent on early detection and treatment. Tamiflu has shown to be quite beneficial in treating the virus that has been caught early on its tracks. However, Relenza is not intended for infant usage.

When child doctors suppose that the kid is having flu, CDC parameters recommend that they must be offered Tamiflu if they are below five years of age and for kids, irrespective of age having unremitting medical conditions like those that are asthmatic, diabetic, heart ailments or neurologic conditions. The CDC parameters do not suggest the use of Tamiflu among otherwise healthy kids above five years of age.

Tamiflu is highly effectual when offered within two days from the flu symptoms arising.

Is swine flu diagnosis easier in young infants and teenagers? Could a paediatrician ensure that the kid has the H1N1 swine flu?

A child can’t explain his/her symptoms and might have more non-explicit symptoms. However, if they are having fever, then they need to be taken to a doctor.

There are rapid tests which could detect type A flu in nearly half an hour. However, these rapid tests could not differentiate the H1N1 swine flu from the seasonal H1N1 flu or from the seasonally occurring H3N2 flu. The test is also not quite sensitive that is suggestive of the crucial fact that a negative outcome would not essentially translate to the kid not having the flu. Hence, due to this reason, several doctors opt not to suggest the rapid test.

Laboratory tests could detect the H1N1 swine flu, but not promptly to get a perfect analysis in time to commence with the Tamiflu treatment. Health departments have halted testing samples except when they are coming from gravely ill flu-affected persons, though few private laboratories could undertake the tests.

Is flu more lethal to the really young infants?

Those infants below two years are definitely at greater risk of developing complications. Seasonal influenza is linked with a major risk of hospital stay among infants that are two years and below. Infants below two years have been observed to have analogous hospitalization to elderly people past 65 years.

Are few kids more prone to falling really ill?

Those kids having an underlying condition, for instance are asthmatic, diabetic, having another metabolic disease, persistent kidney disease, sickle cell disease are definitely at increased risk of falling very sick.

What could be done for kids that do contract the flu?

Kids that have contracted influenza must not be offered any kind of product that has aspirin as its contents. However, Tylenol and ibuprofen compounds are alright to use.

Could the flu shot protect the kid from swine flu?

The standard seasonal flu shot safeguards against seasonal flu. Children till nine years of age require two injections or whiffs of the vaccine, to be administered a month apart in case they have not earlier been given the flu shot. The CDC advises that all kids need to be given the flu shot annually, particularly during the current year.

With the available pandemic H1N1 swine flu vaccine in the offing, the preliminary dosages would become obtainable in the mid of October. Several neighbourhoods are already making preparations for the school-based inoculation programs that would be given this fall. All parents need to be vigilant when such programs become available in their locality, as parents would need to give their signatures on the consent form so that their kids could avail the vaccine facility.

It is quite probable that all infants would require 2 dosages of the new-fangled H1N1 swine flu vaccine that would need to be administered 3 weeks apart. This would be necessary irrespective of whether or not they received the flu shot or the FluMist inhalation vaccine. In case 2 injections are deemed necessary then merely one jab would fail to tender any safeguard as the vaccine’s protective action commences 2-4 weeks subsequent to the second jab.

Could the flu shot protect the child against swine flu?

For providing guidance to the parents, the CDC has offered pointers on how to tend to a kid having flu-similar signs:

  • Keeping the kid at home and not letting him go to school or day care for nearly ten days subsequent to the symptoms appearing.
  • Keeping the ill child far from others.
  • In case the kid is having any causal health issues, then visiting the doctor when the kid starts becoming symptomatic.
  • In case the kid is otherwise in good health, calling the doctor to check in case a visit is necessary.
  • While carrying small infants that are ill, placing their chin on one’s shoulder so that their cough would not directly come on to one’s face.
  • In case the child is showing acute symptoms, have visited a place where there have been occurrences of swine flu cases, or have had direct exposure to a swine flu sufferer, then it is imperative to visit the doctor.
  • Frequently washing hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitising gel in case soap is unobtainable.
  • Keeping total hygiene on all household surfaces inclusive of playthings and bed-side tables –by cleansing them with domestic antiseptic.
  • Washing bed lines and towels using laundry detergents in tepid water. Do not hug the unclean laundry while carrying it to the washing machine, and washing hands soon after holding unclean laundry.
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