Smart Tactics To Transforming Into An Alpha Mom

‘It is time to go, okay?’  For the umpteenth time, this sentence seems to largely figure on many a mom’s conversations with their kids. In yet another vain attempt for making all kin members totally happy, the term ’okay?’ is stapled to the end of the desperate question.

Obviously enough, tiny tots mostly seem to seize the chance to retort like little royals with ‘negation’ implying all is not okay. In such situations, mothers mostly feel outwitted and often let themselves get yanked into conciliations with little tactical connoisseurs who are adept at premeditated whining, lamenting and lying through their teeth to get what they want.

Well, the tiny paws do seem to be in commanding position and it often takes mothers enormously long spans of time to eventually figure out that the word ‘okay?’ has to be discarded from one’s lexis. With just this simple, single word alteration in communication approach, one can take a crack at evolving into the unassailable parent – the type of mom who is in no way bowed down in a lengthy conversation with a tot regarding what clothes to wear.

perfect motherA question that seems to pass through many minds is ‘Why is it so tricky to take charge of such tiny beings? ‘.  Every mother who has allowed her kids to run her frayed has her own account to tell. In these times when psycho-analysts accentuate the impact that parents tend to have on their child’s intellect and self-worth, all parents strive to get the balance right. Alongside, many do not wish to employ the parenting techniques that they were bought up with – for instance, some don’t wish to be the yelling kind their mothers used to be – while one could easily get baffled regarding what would be the rational extent of adjustment for a 3-feet towering human. Complicating matters further are the toy advertisements and television shows that fuel kids to being brusque and demanding. The outcome could be a big blow – children that are ruling the roost.

Setting legitimate boundaries and teaching children to value authority is bound to reap great dividends in the academic field as well. Research has shown that self-control – the capacity to hold-up indulgence – is a better forecaster of academic accomplishment as compared to intelligence. All this seem to sound quite appealing, but how can a mom transform into one who is constantly influential, unruffled and resolutely in charge of the situation? It is a perennial struggle for many moms to hold on to the position of an alpha mother.

Here are some take-charge tactics devised after consulting with several parents that once used to be engulfed in nonstop arbitrations and futile begging with their kids but have taken a more fruitful course after applying the following strategies.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Many imagine that they are having a talk with their 2-yr-old tot regarding the rational significance of punctually departing one’s home when in most possibility that child does not have the faintest idea of what is being told to him. All that the child seems to know is that we are still at home, that translates to the fact that the child is getting his way around. At times, actions do tend to be more audible than words.

Many parents try to parley with their kids while others feel that the child must be given decision-making rights. All this seems to sound attractive in words, though when implemented can often be quite undesirable. Giving the kids the power to make their own decisions could at times lead to them to walk all over the parent.

The child needs to be given a time limit on deciding what they want to do, which if surpassed would lead to taking away the right to decide and imminent repercussions.

Remaining detached

Quite often people read about how imperative it is to respond to the tot in the analogous tone and intensity levels that the tot is portraying, so that the tot might feel understood.

However, it might make the child feel that you are game for whatever he/she is asking, that at most times might be not be practically doable.

Hence, the key is at times to let the chanting go unheard and answering in a firm yet affirmative tone when something is not possible. It seems quite easy for one to see the flaws and undesirable behaviours of other people’s children – that we might find utterly inacceptable— but when it comes to our kids it might be okay once in a while.

Hence, it is important to view and treat our kid in much the similar manner what we might expect from someone else’s child.

Charting out a strategy

How often do parents feel like they are going astray when for instance the child does not want the leave a particular place like a party, or his preschool as he is immensely enjoying himself or is refusing to go to bed. This could lead to a power clash of sorts, with the parents mostly losing out on the battle as children comparatively seem to have lots of brains to offer to a situation.

This sticky transition from what the kid wants to what must be rightfully done can be aptly done by simply shifting one’s strategy. For instance, if the child raises objections about why the need to go to bed at a certain time or leave a party when other children are still enjoying themselves. In such situations, the child needs to be firmly told that a certain course of action needs to be followed as that is what is done in the family – a kind of family policy. This tactic helps to eliminate the personal element from the disagreement and at times seem to work.

Cease being the slave

Most mothers would go all out for the child, right from dressing, getting what they want, combing their hair, pleading them to lie down for slumber time that could get quite nerve-wrecking at times.

As the child gets older, one needs to gradually transition the child from the stately prince/princess to a kin member. One needs to involve the kid in daily routines like letting them independently dress up, fetching their own glass, brushing teeth by themselves, participating in post-meal cleaning sessions. Complementing them, offering them stickers, giving some form of money or some other kind of motivation when they do their tasks right. All these motivational rewards would not only stimulate the child to carry on further but the tot would also develop a liking for the newly realised sense of independence.

Putting up with bucketful of tears

Many children eventually learn the art of working up their parents. Parents mostly bear a mindset of doing and going to any extent to make their child comfy and happy. The child soon learns that a little fuss would easily fetch all what he/she desires. Hence, mothers need to retrain themselves to not pounce up to eradicate each and every complaint that the child might have as not all wishes or complaints are relevant and reasonable.

In some drawn-out way, many parents feel that crying translates to failing as a parent. In case of inappropriate demands, the parent needs to back track and may be let a little crying ensue as it too would pass and then one is on to yet another emotion.

Giving the kid respect

A common trait noticed among several mothers with well-behaved children is that they do not affront their kids. Putting the kid down could create a transitory obedience, however it fails to make for a fruitful bond. Kids that are disrespected feel that they do not matter. Hence, how would a child behave properly when he/she does not matter?  The answer lies in letting them discern that they do in fact matter.

One needs to pay attention to the kid, focussing on them during the several times of distractions during the day like phone ringing or matters not working out right. Children that have a tendency of behaving well mostly have parents that are involved with them.

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