Rice Cereal For Infants – Appetizing, Wholesome Recipes

Were you aware of the fact that an infant’s foremost food doesn’t have to be commercially available baby rice cereal? Several paediatricians continue to acknowledge the piece of information that avocadoes, bananas & sweet potatoes too could be ideal foremost foods for babies.

Rice cereal for infants continue to be conventionally the foremost complementary victual to little ones in U.S., however their introduction must be on the basis of their nutritional needs & how nutritionally dense the foods are rather than on conventionally following ways which do not have any scientific foundation.

Rice cereal for infants isn’t the ideal option as foremost supplementary food offered since it is less in proteins & rich in carbs. It is mostly coalesced with differing levels of breast milk or formulas. Though majority of brand names of formulas presently include multiple vitamins, iron & zinc yet iron absorption is poor – merely around 7.8 percent is taken up by the RBCs. Many eminent child specialists even feel that when one begins with offering rice cereal for infants it could be giving them a lasting taste for sweet & starch.

Another latest piece of information about rice cereal for infants is a Cleveland Clinic trial that involved over a hundred infants uncovered that including a tbsp. of rice cereal/oz of formula or breast milk during nightly bottle feeds didn’t have any impact on snooze. Moreover, babies mustn’t be offered solid foods prior to them turning four to six months of age when tongue motions have sufficiently developed for ingestion & they could be seated independently without the need of significant support.

For majority of the infants, regardless of what kind of foremost solid food is offered, traditionally, single grain cereal is generally given firstly. Though there is absence of any medical proof that introduction of solid foods in any specific manner would be benefiting the infant.

With startling infancy obesity occurrences, several newly turned mothers are keen on offering their little ones the finest start in wholesome consumption and are opting for brown rice.

The kind of brown rice which one would like using in a cereal must preferably be short-grained one as it has a tendency of cooking softer as compared to longish or medium-grain rice. The sole caution is that it tends to become gluey & paste-like on pureeing hence being watchful about the rice when it cooks & when one purees or blends it. One could try using a combination of any rice form that one likes, though ensuring that it is wholegrain.

Brown rice & brown organic jasmine rice are a fine combination for cereals similar to brown rice plus basmati. In case the infant doesn’t take a liking to this mix, then switch to brown rice form till the infant palate has acclimatized to solids.

Recipe Galore

Rice Cereal deploying ‘grind’


One-fourth cup brown rice powdered in blenders or food processors.

One cupful water.


  • Bringing the fluid to boiling point in an open non-stick pan. Adding the powdered rice when one stirs continually.
  • Simmering for ten minutes, whist at a constant rate, mixing in breast milk or formulas, some fruits in case wished.
  • Serving lukewarm.
  • Ideal for infants four to six months in age.

Rice cereal with cargo rice


Half cup of rice – cargo, thai fragrant rice or basmati.

One cupful water.


  • Bringing water till boiling point in an open non-stick pan and then adding rice & stirring.
  • Simmering for twenty minutes or as per pack instructions; stirring half-way of cooking-time.
  • Once rice is done & slightly cooled down then adding in a half cup amount of preferred liquids like formulas, water, breast milk among others & pureeing in case necessary. Being watchful as one purees so that rice doesn’t become paste-like.
  • Serving the baby lukewarm merged with an array of preferred fruit, veggie & liquid types.
  • Freezing it could be done though when it thaws it might become slight rubber-like.
  • Ideal for infants between four to six months of age.

Ground Oats Cereal


One-fourth cupful ground oat, grinded in blenders or food processors.

Three-fourth cup to one cupful water.


  • Bringing the water to boiling point in an open non-stick pan and adding powdered oatmeal whilst one stirs continually.
  • Simmering for ten minutes and whisk continually till it is done.
  • Mixing in breast milk, fruit or formulas in case preferred & serving lukewarm.
  • Ideal for babies in the age of four to six months old.

Barley Cereal


One-fourth cupful grounded barley.

One cupful water.


  • Bringing water to boiling point, adding barley & simmering for ten minutes and whisk continually.
  • Mixing in the breast milk, formulas, juices & adding fruits in case needed.
  • Serving lukewarm.

Bonus Tips for Making Perfect Rice Cereal

  • Storage of polished whole-grain types like flour of oats, whole-wheat & rice among others is ideally preserved in air-tight containers & ideally under refrigeration. One should often be checking the condition of grains preserved in cool conditions. As innate oils exuded from grains could turn bad when not refrigerated. While one procures any form of whole-grain post-milling, it is better to purchase them in lesser amounts for ensuring that one uses them before them turning bad.
  • One might require cooking the ground oats + rice + powdered barley before one serves since when one is making one’s own cereal one would take a whole-grain & grind it to powdered form. Cooking of the grind is needed since the grains weren’t cooked before they were processed to powdered form. Such powder will not be easily assimilated when in uncooked form.
  • Commercially obtainable infant cereal doesn’t need cooking since its precooking & dehydration has been done. Also they are prepared from grains which have undergone processing & milling done into flour.
  • Home-prepared infant cereals could be preserved under refrigeration till seventy-two hours at the most. When one thaws home-prepared infant cereal, one may notice textural variations. Just warming the infant cereal & then adding preferred liquids as necessary for reconstituting to the consistency your infant likes.
  • Home-prepared cereals could be freezed into ice cubes or in varying sized containers as it is simpler in grinding. Now storing the raw grains & just cooking the amount needed for a day. Storage of grounded grains could be done in air-tight containers in non-damp areas of storage cabinets or kept under refrigeration where they would remain fresh for many months.
  • Try to use duo cupfuls water for every one-fourth cup powdered cereal for getting a truly fluid consistency cereal.
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