Prenatal Yoga Poses for Sound & Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga is a great way for preggos in stretching their weary muscles, relaxing their bodies by relieving stress & gaining strength.

The prenatal yoga poses explained herewith help by strengthening muscles to assist one in carrying the infant, helpful in prevalent gestational problems & the squatting moves recommended can be the most preferable position at the time of labor & birthing. Here are some squatting poses that could be performed by the pregnant woman by herself & along with her mate. These would help during labor as contractions become lesser acute when the woman squats since her pelvis size can increase till two centimetres as a result of performing them.

Full-Squatted Pose

  • Feet are to be placed separated on the yoga mat & toe areas turning to a slight extent outwards.
  • Squatting down & rooting one’s heels onto the floor.
  • In case this is hard to do then heels are to be supported with a roll made of a coverlet or table mat.
  • Widening thighs so that one’s upper body is capable of fitting in-between & joining one’s hands in a prayer pose at one’s heart.
  • Elbows are to be pressed into the inner portion of the thighs as one lengthens one’s spine.
  • Staying in this full-squatted pose for sixty seconds; in case this is difficult to do then eventually building up to it.

Deep-stood Squatted Pose

  • Taking a broad standing position & place feet three to five ft. away.
  • Heels are to be brought in towards the median plane of the body with one’s toes to face outwards.
  • Knees are to be bended as one lowers into a deep-stood squatting pose.
  • The thighs are to work parallel-wise to the floor though avoid exceeding one’s edge as one senses one’s inner thighs, glutes, low back & pelvic floor muscles totally made active.

Knee Rocker Pose

  • An easy-in-doing prenatal yoga pose for novices which can proffer relaxation.

  • Being seated by crossing one’s legs on the ground or on a pillow & using arms for cradling one of the knees.
  • Rocking backwards & forwards on one’s hip-joint as one does deep breathing & then switching legs & doing the same again.

Side-ways Rocking Pose

Also termed as Parighasana, it aids in stretching out weary obliques & facilitates digestion that could at times become problematic during gestation.

  • Being seated on a carpet with knees positioned on one of your sides.
  • While doing deep breathing, stretching one’s arms over one’s head, bring the hands for meeting in the center.
  • Now rocking sideways while one does deep breathing.
  • Switching to the other side & repeating the same.

Child Pose

  • It aids in relieving pains felt in the trunk & pelvic areas as it opens them in a gentle manner & allows one in stretching them out.
  • Going on the mat on all your fours & sliding one’s knees outwards so that they are placed somewhat broader as compared to the hip areas.
  • Placing one’s butts in-between one’s heels & bringing one’s head for resting in-between one’s hands as though one is a baby bawling on the floor.
  • The pose is to be held for as much time as one wishes, ensuring deep breathing.

Feline-Cow Pose

  • Performing this pose helps in maintaining strength of abs muscles whilst it helps to loosen muscles of the hips.
  • Going down on the carpet on both your hands & knees.
  • Now pushing your pelvis down to the ground.
  • Holding for 3 seconds prior to doing deep breathing & scoop one’s abdominal muscles upwards, round the back in a feline stretch.
  • Holding & repeating this stretch for as many reps as one wishes.
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