Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy week by week, so much happens. There are changes to your body and growing of new person inside. As the pregnancy week by week goes the anticiapation grows and it becomes more exciting to know what is happening inside with the baby but its better to be prepared for early signs, maternal discomforts, change in lifestyle, going for prenatal tests and baby’s growth. Pregnancy week by week is the milestones that you pass from conceiving to delivery. Take a learning of what will happen of Pregnancy week by week, as what kind of body changes happens and how the feelings change. As baby’s growth and development happens there are tests to be conducted and complications that you are need to be aware of. Pregnancy week by week is the most enjoyable time of women’s life where it takes on the responsibility of new life developing inside the womb.
Maintaining a week by week calendar can help. Also take a look what is to be eaten and focusing on nutrition’s as in pregnancy you are handling lives of two human beings.

Length of pregnancy or gestation period is actually 38 weeks in womb, but average length is some 40 weeks, because pregnancy length when counted is from the first day of the woman’s last period and not the day of conception which occurs two weeks later. The inherited characteristics and gender of the baby these are decided with the moment of conception.

Pregnancy week by week: Important Week with changes in mother and the growth of baby:

Pregnancy week by week

Conception: woman’s ovum and man’s sperm is fertilized

Week 1

This week is your menstrual period, as expected delivery date is calculated from the first day of last period, so this week is part of 40 week gestation.

Week 2

Fertilization of egg by sperm

Week 3

30 hours cell split in two- three days later cell i.e. zygote divides into 16 cells, two days- zygote migraines from fallopian tube to uterus. Seven days zygote burrows into uterine lining and zygote now is blastocyst.

Week 4

Baby is tinier then grain of sand, but cells are rapidly dividing for process of forming the body systems.

Week 5

Evolves neural tube to become central nervous system

Week 6

Baby now is embryo- means it secretes special hormones to prevent mother from having menstrual periods.

Week 7

Heart beats! Development of placenta and amniotic sac. Placenta buries into uterine wall to access nutrients and oxygen from blood of mother.

Week 8

Head large and spinal cord looks like tail

Week 9

Eyes, tongue and mouth forming, tiny muscles make embryo move around and blood cells are made by liver.

Week 10

Now its fetus- has hand and feet with growing of fingers and toes and now kiddo is becoming brain active with brain waves

Week 11

Heart gets stronger

Week 12

Go for combined test- maternal test and ultrasound of baby for checking out health of baby and looking if he has no Down syndrome or major disabilities

Week 13

Baby swims vigoursly

Week 14

Eyelids closed for full development of eyes, baby also do cry inside, may be suck thumb and nails grow on fingers and toes.

Week 16

Maternal serum screening for routine check up and knowing if there are any birth defects. Ultrasound for abnormalities, multiple pregnancies and position of placenta. Eyebrows and eyelash appears and a hiccough is observed and baby now has taste buds.

Week 20

Ears function as baby hears muffled sounds, finger tips have finger prints. Also with genitals the sex can be determined with ultrasound scan.

Week 24

Baby opens and shut eyes. Baby breathes the amniotic fluid though its lungs in and out. Baby gets protection for skin with skin getting covered in fine hair called lanugo and protected layer of waxy secretion called vernix.

Week 28

Baby seems proportionate with length and weight

Week 32

Head down position but is now mostly sleeping and have strong coordinated movements

Week 36

Development of lungs is rapid. Baby nestles itself in mother’s pelvis

Week 40

Ready to born

Pregnancy week by week, helps for you to keep check on the growth of baby and be prepared what is coming also. And as the weeks progress the tests are to be undertaken and see that proper nutritious diet is consumed for good growth of baby. Pre natal care is very important for proper growth of baby and also this care affects its life time of its mental and health well being.

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