Pregnancy symptoms: A checklist if you are trying for conception

When the couples decide for taking their love and life further, they decide to have their baby. Even the second or other babies after the first are the add on steps in building of your relationship, love and family.

early pregnancy symptomsAs you start planning for getting pregnant, you keep on asking yourself the questions like Am I pregnant? What are the pregnancy symptoms? What are the signs of symptoms? How do I find out if I am pregnant or not?

When you are planning you are already in tune with your body. Some women come to know that they have conceived even before missed periods, or pregnancy test and some female don’t even feel being pregnant even after few months of being pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms vary, from women to women. The same women may feel different pregnancy symptoms from its first pregnancy.

All these symptoms are well recognized even if it is your first pregnancy, though you may experience some, may be all or may be even none.

Pregnancy symptoms that can nudge you or indicate pregnancy are:

Missing of menstrual period

As mentioned earlier missing your menstrual period is first indication of conception occurring, this is the most important symptom. When your date of menstrual cycle comes and you are missing it. Its time you go for check up. Do a home urine test and if positive then definitely go for blood test at the doctor. This is important as at times urine results can be falsifying, though that’s not in most case but its better to consult a doctor soon for better pre natal care.

pregnancy symptomsMorning sickness

This is what happens and is kind of the most common symptom. Like feeling nausea and some smell that you like you dislike it and you feel puking. This happens not only in morning but any time of day. At times women stop drinking coffee and tea whose habit they have. You will like crackers in bed.

Tender or Swollen breast

Enlargement of breast, tender and swollen are signs of being pregnant. At times you may even have tingling feeling. Breast gets sore and swollen and areoles will darken and swell.


Tiredness, that what you are complaining about then go get yourself checked. Because in pregnancy the lady do get tired and fatigued because of hormonal changes.

Frequent urination

If your lot of time is spent in loo, then don’t feel blue its time you know you are pregnant. There is increase urge for urination and toilet will be your second room.

Mood Swings

Well you may feel angry then you feel happy and then again you may get irritated and all in one day and that too you wont even know why are you behaving so irrational, or facing such mood swings. Well dear ladies, this is hormonal changes due to pregnancy affecting you.

Implantation bleeding

Feel light spotting and cramps, this is the conceived egg is being implanted into the uterine wall.

Pregnancy headaches

Don’t confuse headaches that you are planning pregnancy and you get as migraines. This is the part and parcel of pregnancy but good news is it goes away as stage advances. These headaches are tolerable.

Light Headedness

Feeling like you are fainting and pregnant women do faint also at times, so if you faint don’t worry and be happy your bundle of jot is giving you some tiny problems now.


Digestive system, at times get out of system and cause constipation.

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