Pregnancy stages: Expectant dad’s you should know this!

Pregnancy at times become a puzzling times for expectant dad. Spouse is on roller coaster ride with vast body changes and beholder of your bundle of joy. You will have to bear the grunt of mood swings and you have to very supportive and take a very good care of the mother of your child.

For this it is important for you to know the Pregnancy stages which are also known as trimesters. Basically there are nine months of pregnancy and these are divided in to three trimesters and these are important pregnancy stages marking development of fetus. Knowing this will help you to know the growth and development in the baby and also the pregnancy of your spouse will become less puzzling.

Each stage has something unique in which the mother and baby will develop and grow and in each trimester will probably be a completely different effect on mother and baby growing inside but most important you will also have to keep up with the growth and with the changes that your spouse will face in her physical as well as mental. All the pregnancy stages are different but they all are just as important.

Pregnancy stages: First Trimester

pregnancy stagesThe baby
In this pregnancy stage which is marked by the speedy development of your baby. In the first twelve weeks, when you will go for check up of your wife, you will see your baby grow to about three inches! Also have many of baby’s organs already functioning which in itself a great development from what you consider it all began with the fusion of two cells your sperm and her ovum at the time of conception.

The mom
In the early stage of pregnancy your wife will experience loads of mood swings where she will turn an angel to devil in moments of time or in same day you shall see her sweet and getting irritated. This is all due to frenzied discharge of hormones in the early months of pregnancy. This stage may be difficult for your spouse to handle alone and during these days she might need your care more as she will have symtomps like Nausea, vomiting and may be she pukes up. She may have craving or an aversion to food items. She may experience fatigue and complain of tired during this stage of pregnancy, because the baby is growing and makes its demands felt on her body. You need to see that she has healthy diet and a multivitamin prescribed by her obstetrician on time and regularly.

Pregnancy Stages: Second Trimester

The baby
In this stage your baby continues to grow and develop normal functions. This stage is with immense development, the ultrasound and sonography will tell you. As a matter of fact, in these three months, baby will grow to weigh two and a half to three pounds and measure fourteen inches. You may feel it kicking her stomach, he can hear you now. And if it happens at the end of this trimester your baby, if baby is born prematurely, his organs and body will have matured enough that will give him a good chance of surviving with but needs lot of appropriate medical care and taking extreme precautions that no infections happen.

The mom
Your wife’s belly will expand to have room for the baby’s rapid growth. And also now you are thankful as the distress caused by hormonal changes like headaches, light headedness, fainting and nausea, will now start subsiding. Which will give both of you relief and will allow her to enjoy pregnancy stage. She will still need you, her sense of balance may shift and you may need to attend with her the Lamaze classes. This is the time when the real beauty of your lady will come blossoming, even though with weight she will seem so radiating and glowing.

Pregnancy Stages: Third Trimester

The baby
The baby in this last stage of pregnancy will be kicking now little less and it will be huge inside. All the baby’s organs are now well developed, baby can flutter its eyes and may be even sucking thumb inside. His organs and body will be matured enough that will enable and ready to support the baby as it is out of the womb. The baby’s weight may differ as how healthy he is and it may weigh around seven pounds and his length measures some twenty inches by the time it is birth.

The mom
Carrying this big belly with so much of extra weight will be very much uncomfortable as your wife does normally find it difficult to move around. And they tend to have severe backaches and difficulty in breathing. Their body has edema that is swelling on the hands and feet which is the most common symptoms during the third trimester. Also they may face cramps and labor like pains coming as the body is getting ready for baby’s birth. She will have constant feel of urinating and need of bathroom. Some pregnant ladies have itching in whole body which is very bad and makes them very moody. Also as the vagina expands for baby, walking gets difficult. These final months are physically and emotionally stressful for her as it is difficult for her to move about, even relax comfortably.

Some of the symptoms that she will experience over in this Pregnancy stage of third trimester:

  • She will feel like balloon as her weight may now be almost 30 pounds which is much more than what it was before pregnancy.
  • Breathlessness: this happens coz the growing baby reduces the space inside her chest for lungs to expand freely.
  • Heartburn is also one of the symptoms that occurs again and may develop as the expanding of the uterus takes the room against the stomach.
  • As breasts grow even bigger she will feel bit uncomfortable and it may even start oozing colostrums which is yellowish milky fluid, which is actually your baby’s food for the first few days after the birth.
  • The worst is backache as the growing baby exerts pressure on the back which will be leading to backache.
  • Edema: Swellings, as there is lot of water retention in body and this can be seen especially on the legs and feet, which is very common symptom.
  • There is dilated blood vessels’ causing puffiness on the face.
  • Stretch marks are caused as the skin stretches to accommodate the growing abdomen and this may also cause itching and rashes.
  • Spider veins, Blood pressure and hemorrhoids are other common symptoms because of the increased blood flow in body.
  • Also there is an increasing pressure on the bladder, which may cause small amount of urine to seep out involuntarily.
  • And as the anticipation of the delivery date is approaching, your wife may have frequent mood changes which can be ranging from anxiety to elation.

Expectant dad’s, know well about these stages and make sure to be there for your wife and kid who will come as your life’s most precious gift. Taking care in pregnancy stages and during the labor time will reward you the sweet relationship with your wife and baby. Its just not wife’s thing to take care and precautions, they very much need your spousal love and support and calming when they are anxious. This is best time of your life to share together. Don’t miss out any appointments with the doctor and accompany her every time and it’s your duty that she does not experience any kind of stress and tensions in these days which is harmful. Taking care of their comfort and keeping them happy is most happy for better health of mother and baby. Even after delivery this must continue while she is nursing the baby.

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