Positive Parenting: Guide to positive parenting for toddlers

Being parents is wonderful and most amazing thing as what your child might do you never know. This little bundle of joy of your creation makes you smile and glow and makes you count millions of stars for their blessings for them.

Parenting is excellent but not always easy. Every parent wants that their children learn what is right and wrong and develop abilities like getting on with others. Though in this process of teaching, you should not physically punish child rather usage of positive parenting helps tremendously to bring this small kiddo as good and responsible adult. Build your confidence as parents, then nurture and encourage child. Though we want our children to behave well and learn good things but children at times have quite another plans and they behave differently and making us annoyed and at times even embarrassed. There are many positive parenting tips to be followed.

Guide to Positive Parenting:

positive parentingTalk and Listen:
Children are unique; you have to get to know your child. Know what is that make your child angry, agitated, troublesome as this helps you to prevent such situations before happening and stops you from getting angry.

Usage of positive words. Example: Say “tidy up your toys please” then “don’t make mess”

Change your tone:
Voice tone and pitching works they know this is not liked by daddy and mom so they even stop it. This is a powerful tool and at times is enough to stop s fraught situation and also gets child do what you want.

The child is learning how to speak; he is trying out his newly learned vocabulary, his new language. This needs to be heard rather this needs to be encouraged. Sit beside, as this makes them feel you are interested and also makes it easier for them to talk and also this teaches them to listen to you.

Expressing their feelings is difficult for toddlers; they do it either in too much of excitement or show cranky behavior and temper tantrums. You need to teach them how to show feelings in appropriate way and not spank them when they are showing the devil self. Even if that takes time help them find word to express feeling and how to tell you things.

When you say them “no” explain why. This is most important as this gives them learning as right and wrong. Also offering a good reason with good alternative helps a lot. This increases their understanding and makes them rational kids.

Involve Child:
While telling them what to do involve them, wherever talk with them about rules, what you expect from them and clear any doubts they have.

As they get old, while setting rules make it in a way of discussion. Express love by saying and showing: they won’t understand you love them by working hard and the way you keep house clean. Tell them time and again you love them, smile when they do something cute and don’t show anger always. Cuddling, kissing and hugging them are good way of showing love.

Also you need to show then their behavior was wrong so you were angry on behavior of theirs they you didn’t like but you love them a lot.

Child learns what is ok to do from you. The behavior you like must be positively reinforced with giving lots of praises and attention and commenting on good behavior. This is very important as when you give them attention when they only misbehave, then will learn this that they can get your attention only when they misbehave so they will misbehave to get your attention.

Setting up boundaries:
Kids this age need clear rules and regulated boundaries and similar routine. You need to be consistent with rules and also amongst yourself also. If both parents tell some different thing child gets confused so both parents take same approach. Rules should be simple and also clear, but remember they should be also few.

Keep promises:
If you made promise keep them, they will learn to keep their words. Also if you are not able to meet a promise it is important to explain why.

Though this are very simple guides for positive parenting following them will give you a very good and well behaved toddler who would be not only your apple of eye also will touch other people around with his charm of good behaving.

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