Natural Childbirth Preparation Exercises

For women who are preparing to deliver, there are some exercises that they must ensure including in everyday routines. These exercises are simple, non-exerting and could in fact assist women in staying more comfortable during gestational period.

Natural childbirth Preparatory Exercises

Pelvic rocking


  • Relieving back soreness as it stretches muscles of lower back.
  • Aids in stimulating digestion.
  • Aids in lessening constipated feeling.
  • Promotes uterine realignment.
  • A safe means of keeping abdominal muscles toned.
  • This exercise done pre-bedtimes could promote sound sleep for protracted periods of time prior to bladder emptying being needed.
  • Assists the infant in getting to the finest birthing alignment as it stretches & opens the pelvic area & relieves congestion there by bringing about an alteration in the direction of gravity.

Right Manner of Performing Pelvic Rocking

  • Whilst one is on all fours, pelvis is to be tilted under by attempting to contract the deep abs muscles.
  • When one learns the exercise, be heedful about the abdomen contraction which would be preventing the person from attempting to incline the pelvis by curving the back.
  • When correctly performed, the motion is undersized & back must be staying comparatively flattish.
  • Start off with fifty pelvic rocks daily and then gradually increasing it to two hundred daily. Not doing it all at one instant and performing four sets of fifty all through the day also garners benefits.



  • The squatted position is the innate purging pose for humans wherein the pelvic passage tends to open & perineum capable of stretching.
  • This position permits gravity to assist the foetus in moving via the birth canal.

Right Manner of Performing Squatting

  • Planting feet in a firm manner on the ground, lowering torso into a slightly bended pose.
  • Lowering the buttocks to the ground as one bends knee & hip area.
  • In case keeping balance in this position is tricky then standing by holding on to a bulky seat or an individual or tabletop for support whilst one lowers the body.
  • For coming off a squatting move, the butts are firstly to be lifted & then the upper section of body brought back into position. Doing so averts placing undue strain on the knee areas that are highly susceptible to being injured during gestational period due to relaxin hormone.

Kegel Exercises


  • Aids in preventing urinary incontinence as it strengthens muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • Through kegel, pregnant women decipher the proper pushing action for 2nd staging of labor which prevents muscle getting damaged.
  • Strengthens muscles supporting the uterine & stomach constituents thus averting issues related to slackness.
  • Helps in maintaining tightness of vaginal canal for preventing harm whilst foetus descends through it during natural childbirth.

Right Manner of Performing Kegel Exercises

  • Start off by attempting at isolating pelvic floor via constricting it as though one were attempting to halt urine flowing.
  • Now subsequently releasing this constriction.
  • Pelvic floor muscle strength could be built up by retaining the constriction for one, two & finally till three seconds prior to releasing it.
  • Once contraction could be held for three seconds then augment muscle control further by constricting & then relaxing muscle in an incremental form.
  • Finally comprehending about relaxing or bulging the muscles – the analogous motion one deploys for releasing urinary flow. Subsequent to have contracted the muscle, bulging it outwards.
  • These exercises must be carried out everyday and doing ten to twenty contractions all through the day.

Tailor Sitting


  • Prepping our bodies for labor and natural birth in dual ways.
  • Assists in keeping the innate suppleness of leg areas so that one could comfortably remain in one’s opted pushing pose.
  • It even helps in maintaining pelvic suppleness and aids in opening the pelvis and also helping the infant in adjusting to the best birthing position.

Right Manner of Performing Tailor Sitting

  • Being seated on an even, firm surface in a cross-legged posture.
    Instead of aiming for a particular extent of time being seated in this manner, using it in everyday routines as a manner of sitting.
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