Miscarriage Causes

Miscarriage is the spontaneous end of pregnancy prior to the foetus surviving. According to the WHO definition, such a non-survivable state is a fetus/ embryo that weighs five hundred gm. or lesser, that classically matches up to pregnancy age of twenty to twenty-two weeks or lesser. Miscarriages occur in around fifteen to twenty percent of all identified conceptions, & generally arising prior to the thirteenth week of gestation. Development of sophisticated, high-sensitivity assays for amounts of human chorionic gonadotropin could spot early pregnancy even before the anticipated subsequent menses and scientists have proven that about sixty to seventy percent of all conceptions (diagnosed & non-diagnosed) are lost. Since pregnancy failure is observed to take place quite earlier on, hence several miscarriage cases take place with the woman being totally unaware that she had conceived. In such miscarriage cases which arise prior to the 8th week, thirty percent have absence of fetuses linked to sacs or placentas – also known as blighted ovum & several females are astonished to find out that there wasn’t any embryo within the placenta.

Loss of around fifteen percent of eggs post-fertilization occurs even prior to the egg getting an opportunity for implanting itself onto the uterine wall. Women wouldn’t usually spot such form of miscarriage. Loss of another fifteen percent of conception cases occur prior to 8 weeks of pregnancy. No sooner has fetal cardiac function been spotted in a pregnancy; the likelihood of miscarrying is below five percent.

Miscarriage Causes

Miscarriage causes could not always be ascertained. Illustrated herewith are some of the commonest ones in the first trimester of pregnancy.


In general, proper management of diabetes during gestational period is possible when women & their healthcare practitioners are working in concert. But, when proper control of diabetes is not accomplished then it augments miscarriage risk and also increases likelihood of giving birth to an infant with serious birth anomalies along with a host of other issues.

Chromosomal Aberrations

Chromosomes are infinitesimal cell constituents in our bodies which are carriers of all heritable matter ascertaining what the colour of the mane, eyes & general look & constitution would be. They would be duplicating & dividing on several instances all through the developmental process & there are several stages along the path wherein an issue could crop up. Particular heritable irregularities are identified to be rather pervasive in a couple which has experienced repetitive gestational failure. The screening of such heritable attributes is possible via blood testing even before a couple attempts conception.

Fifty percent of the tissue in a fetus in the initial trimester has irregular chromosomes – the figure plummeting to twenty percent in mid trimester miscarriage cases. Stated differently, irregular chromosomes have greater prevalence in the initial trimester as compared to the second trimester. Miscarriage in the initial trimester occurs so commonly that until it recurs, it isn’t deemed ‘irregular’ at the core. Conversely, second trimester miscarriage cases are more atypical & hence might set off examination even subsequent to the foremost incidence. It is hence apparent that miscarriage causes appear to differ in accordance to trimester.

Moreover, chromosomal aberrations turn more prevalent as a woman ages, & females in their mid-thirties have peak miscarriage rates in comparison to young females. Progressing maternal age is the highly noteworthy risk factor in case of earlier miscarriages among females in good health.

Hormone-related Factors

Hormone-related factors might be linked to an augmented threat of miscarrying like:

  • Hyperthyroid/ hypothyroid condition.
  • PCOS.
  • Cushing’s syndrome.

Moreover, it has been indicated that corpus luteum’s deficient role in the ovary (that manufactures progesterone needed to maintain the preliminary stages of gestation) might be leading to miscarriages. Dubbed ‘luteal phase defect’ – it is a divisive matter as many study findings haven’t backed the conjecture of this as being causal to gestational failure.


Maternal infections from a wide-ranging array of organisms have been linked to an augment in miscarriages. Infections developing in the placenta or fetus due to such offenders then cause gestational failure. For examples, HSV, l. monocytogenes, CMV, rubella, B19 virus, T. gondii are some of the infection types linked to miscarriages.

Collagen-vascular diseases

Ailments wherein the individual’s own immune system launches an assault on the internal organs and holds potential to cause rather grave outcomes, either at the time or in-between gestations. In such conditions, women make antibodies to the tissues present in their bodies. Examples of such ailments are SLE, Hughes syndrome. Blood testing could corroborate existence of irregular antibodies & are deployed for diagnosing such diseases.

Anatomic irregularity

Irregular make-up of the uterine region could additionally be causal to miscarriage. Among several females, there could be presence of uterine septum (Tissue bridging) acting alike an incomplete barrier which divides cavity of the uterus into segments. These septums generally have pitiable blood flow & ill-fit for the embryo attaching to the placenta & development. Hence, any embryo embedding onto the septum will be at an augmented risk of miscarrying.

Other structure-based irregularities could be resulting from benignant developments in the uterine region known as fibroid. Uterus myoma is a benignant development of muscle cells inside the uterine region. Even though majority of them are not causal to miscarriage, several of these could have an interfering effect with the embryo embedding & its blood circulation hence leading to miscarriages.

Other Reasons

Operative, invasively done methods in the uterine region like CVS prenatal test for detecting birth flaws in early gestation, amniocentesis too raise threat for miscarriage to a slight extent.

Busting Common Miscarriage Myths

It needs to be clearly highlighted that exercising, working & sex don’t augment risk of gestational losses in normal pregnancy cases. Though in atypical situations wherein doctors feel that the female is at an augmented risk of miscarriage might be recommended to not work & evade sex. Females with a past of preterm birth & some particular gynaecological problems may be falling into this group.

Lifestyles Linked to Miscarriages

Women who smoke over ten cigarettes daily augment their risk of suffering gestational loss, & numerous research findings indicate that miscarriage risk heightens when the male partner is a smoker. Some factors like usage of alcohols, fever, taking NSAIDs close to the time when the embryo embedding occurred & caffeine usage have been indicate to heighten miscarriage risk, though further trials are necessary for completely clarifying any likely risk factors linked to this. Undeniably, alcohols have a damaging effect on the growing fetus hence females who have conceived must avoid intake of any alcohol beverage.

When pregnancy doesn’t stop a substance abuser from taking her drugs of choice, she must get alcohol and drug abuse help the soonest possible time to protect her and her unborn child.

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