How to Treat Cold in Women during Their Third Trimester?

Developing any health disorder during pregnancy, however simple or mild it may be is extremely difficult. So, when a pregnant woman develops a cold during her third trimester, things can become absolutely miserable for her. Generally, a cold can be easily combated with over the counter medications; however, things are not so simple for pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies, especially the ones who have completed 38 weeks of pregnancy should avoid consuming any medication without consulting their physician. There are many medicines that are likely to harm the expecting mother and the growing baby in her womb. There are also certain pregnancy related medical conditions that worsen on taking some cold medications. The best way of managing a cold during pregnancy is taking medication (prescription or over the counter) after asking the supervising physician. In this article we have discussed the dos and don’ts related to consumption of cold medications during pregnancy.

Robitussin DRobitussin DM and RobitussinM and Robitussin are cold medications that are generally considered to be safe for pregnant woman, but should not be consumed after 38 weeks of pregnancy. Taking these cough medications during the final weeks of pregnancy might cause serious harm to the baby. The doctor might instead suggest the pregnant woman to have the prescribed dosages of an expectorant for breaking up the mucus buildup; expectorants are generally taken during the daytime. For the night, the doctor might prescribe cough suppressants. This will ensure that the pregnant woman has an uninterrupted sleep, which is extremely important for both the mother and the baby.

FDA has approved cold and flu medications like Sudafed and Tylenol for women in their third trimester. However, you must still consult your physician for ensuring that these medications are safe for you.

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