Exhausted with Nit Picking – How to Get Good Riddance from Pesky Lice

According to novel parameters issued by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), head lice, a bane to all school goers and parents alike, might be even trickier to wipe out than earlier believed.

Several of the commonly used therapies for exterminating head lice, inclusive of prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) brands might no more prove effectual since the bugs in several regions have become resistant to these treatments, the AAP has warned.

Also those kin who successfully managed to treat the lice problem with the popularly opted ‘Nix’, ‘Rid’ might have to do the application thrice for getting riddance from the creepy-crawlies. Earlier advised directives to parents was doing duo treatments employing topically applied agents, around seven days apart for killing the head lice on their kid’s head.

How to get rid of liceThe assemblage of paediatricians additionally recommended that parents may want to sample alternative therapies which are pesticide-free. Wet-combing is one of these methods wherein the hair is wetted using water or any fluid and then the nit (egg) or lice being combed out employing narrow-toothed nit combs. Application of skin cleansers (like Cetaphil) on the hair and then leaving it over-night for drying to smother the head lice is another likely therapy. Though the AAP has mentioned these substitute therapies as part of its new-fangled parameters, the group has warned that there is no assurance of whether they would be helpful.

An approximate six to twelve million head lice invasions take place in the United States annually, chiefly amongst kids in the age band of three to twelve years of age. Even though head lice do not transmit ailment, and are not an indication of inadequate personal cleanliness, the tiny beings measuring alike sesame seeds could lead to intense, discomforting scratching. Lice are creeping insect forms (not the hopping or flying kinds) and influx generally spread following close contact with the lice-ridden head. The lice could also be transmitted indirectly, however with lesser likelihood, like when combs and headgears are shared, the AAP states.

Head lice are part-&-parcel of raising kids and similar to teaching kids about brushing their teeth two times a day for preventing tooth decay and cavity, parents need to scan for lice in their kids’ heads, possibly 1 or 2 times per week following a hair wash.

Although parents generally have to endure the dismal chore of clearing the lice off their kid’s head, however the role of a paediatrician is also necessary, especially since these pests have progressively developed greater resistance to conventional therapies. It is unclear as to the extent of pervasiveness the resistance issue is.

There are many reasons why it is becoming increasingly harder to get rid of head lice.

  • Inadequate use of therapy product or no follow-up application done two or thrice are some of the likely reasons.
  • Children with longish hair possibly require more amounts of the product that what is mentioned on the labelling. A parent must be ideally figuring the application of around 4 ounces of a lice-exterminating product for every 6 inches of hair. In the hair gets re-infested or picks up lice post-treatment, additionally might expound unrelenting cases.

OTC lice-killing products are classically employed two times, with the second therapy a week to ten days following the foremost one for killing lately emerged lice. According to the AAP, day 9 is the preferred day for doing a treatment for a second time. The novel guidelines state that an alternating therapy schedule be done on days zero, seven and thirteen to fifteen have been advised to assist in addressing the problem of pesticide-resistant lice and ensuring total obliteration.

In case OTC products are not able to solve the issue then a pediatrician’s guidance could be sought for any further therapy that might entail prescription therapies.

Checking the child before and following any sleepovers, camps is advisable. Classically itchiness would commence a minimum of a month’s time following being infected with the pests.

Several schools have slowly altered their lice guidelines. These include dropping the ‘no nit’ rule for re-admittance of school kids. They now recommend that nits noticed in a half-inch distance from the scalp is to be taken out prior to the kid is permitted into the class. A nit affixes to the hair using a adhesive-like substance and studies have shown that a nit is basically an earlier hatched egg and posing no risk. A nit or egg usually hatches in 8-9 days.

Cleaning the house is critical to curbing lice which require temperature and blood close to the scalp for its survival. These lice could survive for 3-4 weeks on a scalp however dying in a day’s time at room temperatures.

All things that have come in touch with the lice-ridden head of an individual are to be cleaned in the forty-eight hours prior to therapy. Cushions cases, bed linens to be changed and all soft toys or embellished cushions that could not be washed need to be seal-packed for 2 weeks for shielding from atypical scenario of the egg surviving and hatching. Drying the bedding in tepid dryers for ten minutes is also recommended by the AAP.

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  1. I agree that head lice really is annoying.. I mean I’ve experienced it myself.. And yes as what has been said above most parents do want to have a cure or something to remove the lice in a non-chemical way. Because as we know chemicals can harm us..

    I believe that there are oh so many home remedies for lice, we just have to take the time to know those stuff.
    Mr Healthy Life´s last blog ..Benefits of Using Blendtec Commercial Blenders My ComLuv Profile

  2. Jickis31 says:

    Head lice is causing my head to itch. But using chemicals as head lice treatment is really harmful. It might also cause hair loss!
    Jickis31´s last blog ..Benefits of Using Blendtec Commercial Blenders My ComLuv Profile

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