How Safe Is The H1N1 Flu Vaccine Having Thimerosal For Infants?

A common query that confounds several parents is whether their child is too young to be administered the H1N1 nasal spray or the injection containing thimerosal or must they wait for the injection that has no preservatives added to become obtainable.

H1N1 Flu VaccineIt is suggested that children more than six months of age must be administered the H1N1 flu vaccine on an urgent basis as infants below the age of two years are at increased likelihood of developing complications due to the H1N1 infection. The risks arising due to the infection by itself are deemed to have greater repercussions as compared to any kind of risk that could arise due to the H1N1 vaccine, irrespective of whether thimerosal is present in it or not.

Thimerosal is a preservative that contains mercury and is employed for multi-dosage vials of the vaccine. It aids in averting bacterial contamination in these vials that need repetitively introducing the needles for removal of several dosages of the vaccine.

Producers halted the addition of this preservative to particular infancy vaccines (though majority of them have never had thimerosal present in them) as a precautionary measure after few individuals conceived that it could be associated with autism. This relation though has not yet been verified, and subsequent to removal of thimerosal from vaccines, there have contrarily been a surge in the number of autism cases being diagnosed. Yet, inoculations that are presently proposed for kids that are six years old and lesser presently have negligible amounts or no presence of thimerosal in them.

The sole-dosage versions of the seasonal and the H1N1 flu vaccinations do not have preservatives (another precautionary measure taken in case there were any kinds of potential risks involved) and could be administered to kids aged six months onwards till three years. Yet, in case a choice to not go in for any preservative-based vaccine is not obtainable, it is still counselled that kids in this age group must be given the multi-dosage vaccine for safeguarding them from complications arising from any form of flu.

The H1N1 nasal spray or mist flu vaccine has no thimerosal present in them. It is an alternative for individuals in the age bracket of two years onwards till forty-nine years that are not having pregnancy and are not ailing from any kind of medical conditions like asthma.

It is imperative that one discusses with one’s child paediatrician regarding particular vaccine choices for one’s family.

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