Household Bleach – Potent Treatment For Niggling Eczema

Nearly one among five school-going kids suffers eczema, medically termed as atopic dermatitis. In this form of skin condition there is immense itchiness, inflammation on the skin’s surface that mostly tends to turn into scabs and become reddish due to the constant itching.

Continual itching leads to the skin breaking and mostly leading to skin infections. The skin infections caused due to MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus) show resistance to the methicillin medication and hence are tricky to treat.

Amy Paller, MD, a paediatric dermatologist points out the crucial fact that nearly ninety percent of individuals with eczema have the presence of Staphylococcus aureus on their skin surface, contrasted to nearly twenty-five percent of the populace at large.

Antibiotics have been the conventional line of treatment for staph infections. However, bleach baths could also be quite useful in killing the microbes that lead to the infection.

Infant eczemaPaller now suggests bleach baths to all those patients who approach her with moderate to intensely occurring eczema. Working alongside Jennifer Huang, MD, and associates from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Paller performed one of the foremost official studies for examining the treatment.

During the course of the study, 31kids in the age bracket ranging from six months to seventeen years were part of the study.

All the entrants were ailing from moderate to acute ranging eczema and were additionally having a Staph infection. All of them were undergoing treatment of antibiotics over a course of two weeks.

Along with being treated with drugs, half of the group had bleach baths and the other half of the study group took placebo baths that had no bleach in it.

The study plan needed the patients to remain soaked in the bleach or placebo baths for two times during a week, however, Paller states that taking bleach baths most frequently could be beneficial at the times when the eczema flared up.

Kids that were part of the study and had taken the bleach baths experienced immense lessening in the severity of eczema. This allaying of eczema among such kids was observed to be 5 times more than kids that had taken the placebo baths after 3 months.

Paller states that the outcome of the study was so impressive that scientists prematurely halted their 3-month long study so that all the kids could reap the advantages of these bleach baths.

Kids that were arbitrarily allotted to the bleach bath set of the study also applied an antibiotic that was topically administered up their nostrils which is considered to be the breeding grounds for the staph bacteria. However, Paller states that she has several patients that did not employ this intercession and yet showed major improvements with simply the bleach baths.

This study was printed in the May edition of the Paediatrics Journal. Paller states that this would be the cure for all; however there is definitely a division of patients that would gain immensely from bleach baths.

Community-Acquired MRSA – Would bleach be beneficial even is such circumstances?

A practicing dermatologist, Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD from Alpine, Utah, strongly vouches for the tremendous benefits derived from bleach baths.

She suggests them to all her patients suffering from eczema, and she states that bleach baths might have a more broad-ranging applicability for tackling a swiftly proliferating public health menace – community-acquired MRSA.

Though majority of the MRSA infections tend to crop up in hospital environments, community-acquired infections of drug-combatant staph are rising at a steady pace. The most broadly revealed reason behind the outbreaks chiefly noted in gyms and locker rooms is the offending staph bacteria.

Eberting states that in case one is playing a contact activity at the gym quite frequently, it possibly would not hurt taking an intermittent soak in a bleach bath. However, it is imperative to discuss with the doctor prior to get started on it.

Bleach Baths – A blessing of sorts for many

Taking part in the clinical trial totally altered the life of the seven year old Ben Kieffer ailing from eczema, reveals his mother, Jennifer.

Ben was ailing from acute eczema right from when he was just more than a month old, with unremitting scratchy, sore skin flare-ups occurring. He had to go through numerous courses of antibiotics treatment for curing associated infections.

His mother, Jennifer Kieffer, painfully recollects how her son’s calves used to be totally covered with scales and there would be cracks and swellings along with infection all over his hands. It was quite difficult for the little boy to endure all this. However, once he participated in the study there was an incredible change in his condition.

Whilst there was a significant positive improvement in Ben’s condition, what was even more notable was the fact that the treatment offered to him was not a state-of-the-art, costly new-fangled drug or topical cream.

As a matter of fact, it is about as low tech-savvy and cheap as could possibly be.

During the times his condition flared up, Ben would simply start regularly soaking in bath water that had nearly a quarter cup of domestically used bleach.

Ben still continues to take regular bleach baths, even after his condition has shown huge improvement. His mother states that the bleach baths are the reason behind this vast change and that too at a mere pennies cost.

However, prior to starting off this treatment at home, it is vital to consult with the child’s doctor regarding this.

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