Halloween Safety Guidelines – How To Have A Hauntingly Blissful And Safe Halloween

Every aspect of Halloween is so endearing, right from the candies to the attire; Halloween is chock-full of fun and good times for both the kiddie brigade and the parents alike. However, it could also be a holiday that might pose underlying dangers to the infant revelling gang. To assist in making this year’s celebrations a trick-free treat, one needs to adhere to the below stated crucial safety guidelines:

Prettifying the small ghost

  • Always opting for a costume that is light in colour or by adding in the glowing- in-the-night adhesive tape to the front sides and back parts of the child’s costume so that the kid could be easily traceable.
  • Always desist from buying a costume that does not have the ‘flame-retardant’ labelling on it. This would translate to the costume easily catching fire and burning.
  • Ensuring that the head gears like wigs and beards/moustaches do not overly plaster the child’s eyes, nostrils or mouths.
  • Halloween masksTrying dissuading the child from donning masks as they tend to make it tricky for the kid by obstructing their vision and normal breathing. As a substitute, using toxin-free face paint or makeup would sound quite appealing to the child. A good idea would be letting a young kid sketch out images of what they desire to appear like. For kids that are slightly older they could be allowed to dab on the makeup on their own.
  • Affixing an identification tag on the kid’s costume like the name, contact number.
  • Avoiding outsized and pointed heeled foot wear as it could lead to the kid tripping or losing balance.
  • Avoiding voluminous, saggy or flowing skirts, trousers or shirt sleeves that might likely get lodged on some object and lead to accidents.
  • Ensuring that any kinds of props that child might be carrying like batons, rapiers are the pliable or bendable kind.

Pumpkin Artwork – Carving safety measures

  • Never let the kids handle any sharp objects like knives. Letting them sketch their designs onto the surface of the pumpkin using a dark coloured marker pen after which one could commence with the carving.
  • Always maintaining a safe distance during carving the pumpkin to avoid any kind of distractions from the kids and for keeping them out of hand’s way from pointed items.
  • Securely removing out the guts of the pumpkin. In case the child is begging to take out the guts – which several children do – handing them an ice-cream scooper, a ladle or a big spoon for removing out the guts. Many kids just adore getting all messy while doing it.
  • Getting ready for operation clean-up as there is bound to be loads of pumpkin flesh all over the place that could get dicey and slimy, leading to falls, accidents and injuries. Always place sheets of newspapers, old clothing beneath the work area prior to carving and immediately clearing the mess to avoid any one slipping or tripping.
  • Steer clear from candles as flaming candles within pumpkins could take on inferno proportions if not paid attention to. One could optionally go in for the rather safe glow sticks obtainable in an array of colours for lighting up one’s jack-o-lamp.

Hassle-Free Trick-o-Treats

  • Always accompanying below ten year-olds during their rounds. Ensuring that the kid remembers his/her contact number, mobile numbers of parents or other reliable kin member or adults that are overseeing, and knowing the way to contact 911 when gone astray.
  • In case of elder kids that are into trick-or-treat by themselves, ensuring that the route they take is approved and one is aware when they would be returning. Always ensuring that they:
    • Always are carrying a mobile phone, if possible.
    • Always being in groups and staying together.
    • Only visiting those residences that have porch lighting and street lighting on. Avoiding walking through alleys or through lawns.
    • Aware of not going into an unknown person’s residence or vehicles.
    • Knowing the correct way of crossing the streets at crosswalks and never assuming that the motors would halt.
  • Handing over the child flashlights with lately changed batteries.
  • Restricting the event to one’s own locality and to houses of known people.
  • When the children return, always checking their treats for ensuring all treats have secure seals with no appearance of tamper like tiny holes, ripped or loosened wrapping, and packaging that might seem to have been fastened or pasted together. Always discard unfastened, loose candy, ruined items and homespun treats that have been offered by unknown people.
  • Do not let kids have firm-textures candy or chewy gums as they might choke on it.
  • Ensuring the trick-or-treating would be a safe and secure event even for others kids that visit your home. Removing lawn adornments, sprinklers, playthings, bikes, damp leaves or any items that might become hindrances in the walkway. Keeping the entrance well-illuminated and keeping pets far away from other kids visiting even though they might seem to be of no harm.

Wolfing down Halloween Munchies

  • Giving the child a stomach-filling meal prior to heading out for their trick-or-treating venture to avoid them foraging down excessive amounts of their haul.
  • Opting for other kinds of Halloween treats instead of just candies like colourful stickers, erasers, colour pencils, drawing books and closed packs of dry fruits would be great options.
  • Keeping tabs of how much the child has bought in and keeping them stashed away in a place other than their bedrooms. Having easy access would lead to over-eating of candy that is not desirable. Those kids that are eating just a few of them could be trusted for deciding what they could eat, while those who have overeating tendencies must be set limits.
  • As soon as the kids are back from trick-or-treating with their bounty, allow them to munch on them by having a few a day, rather than letting them out in big-sized bags or containers where there is bound to be uninhibited sampling.
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