Parents Don’t Make This Blunder

Globally, health authorities firmly claim that flu vaccinations do not carry any risk, irrespective of the bothersome cases surfacing.

Repeatedly, grave side-effects due to vaccinations are ignored and brushed underneath the carpet as being accidental. Conveniently ascribing all vaccination reactions to chanced occurrences and insisting that it is the sole means of protecting health of the entire kin has been a largely flawed approach.

Flu VaccinationYou would definitely not like Your Kid to snooze his Life Off

What is better risking – a week’s bed rest, glugging warm soups or a life-span of accidentally snoozing off. This is precisely what occurs in Narcolepsy – a baffling, non-curable neurological disorder.

Following vaccination with Pandemrix (GSK make for fighting swine flu) Sweden has cited twelve corroborated narcolepsy cases with no less than 6 involving kids in the age band of twelve to sixteen who became symptomatic within four to eight weeks post-inoculation. Pandemrix has been employed since September of last year in the EU.

Just last month, Finland shelved the usage of Pandemrix after 6 cases of narcolepsy emerged and 9 more uncorroborated ones surfacing after being inoculated. It is expecting the initial outcomes from their enquiry by year-ending.

In France, 5 narcolepsy cases arose post-inoculation with Pandemrix and a single narcolepsy case post-inoculation with the Sanofi make Panenza (duo swine flu vaccinations).

Throughout several European countries, an aggregate of twenty-seven narcolepsy cases have arisen in weeks after being inoculated with A (H1N1) vaccination. The reason for it occurring or the manner in which vaccination might be causal to narcolepsy is still undetermined.

Narcolepsy and the Identified Reasons

NarcolepsyNarcolepsy is an unremitting neurologic condition causing a person to abruptly pass into deep slumber. For unidentified causes, the brain becomes incapable of regulating snooze-awake cycles in a normal manner, hence at any instant in the day one would just snooze off. Spells could be lasting from seconds, minutes to even one or more hours in duration.

It can be a vastly incapacitating condition and negatively impact quality of existence and even is perilous based on when and at what location one abruptly falls asleep.

Narcolepsy could additionally be a petrifying condition since alongside uncontrollably dozing off, nearly seventy percent of narcoleptics also suffer from cataplexy – the abrupt failure of voluntary muscular controls alongside dramatic hallucinating and the body becoming completely paralyzed at the onset or conclusion of the narcoleptic bout.

Getting paralyzed and hallucinating are intrusions of Rapid Eye Movement sleep constituents into a person’s awakened state. Hallucinating is because the brain dreams although one is awake. Being paralyzed is in fact, usual ‘sleep-paralysis’ that in regular scenarios happens when one is in deep-snooze hence one hardly notices it.

Regrettably for the kids affected by this untreatable condition, their symptoms have a tendency of worsening over a period of twenty to thirty years following the symptoms firstly appearing. In general it is concurred that the sooner a person becomes symptomatic, the shoddier he/she is. Following sixty years of age, the symptoms classically reduce.

Australia Momentarily Bans H1N1 Vaccination

Six months back, Australia shelved its seasonal flu inoculation program for kids below 5 years of age, following detection of irregular numbers of side-effects within twelve hours post-inoculation in comparison to earlier years. Side-effects include soaring fever, seizure attacks with a 1-yr-old infant entering coma following flu vaccination.

But, the Australian Dept. Of Health then recommenced it for young kids during July end and pointing out that parents could get opinion of physicians on using other brand types obtainable in case they wish to inoculate their young kids.

Several flu vaccinations are obtainable with a number of them especially created for A(H1N1), whereas there are some having a mix of swine flu plus seasonal influenza strains.

Till date, considerably augmented perils have been linked to Pandemrix (GlaxoSmithKline), perhaps Panenza (Sanofi) in EU & Fluvax in Australia.

The United Stated Flu Agenda for 2010

During 2010, people in the U.S. would be getting a combo vaccination containing a blend of normal flu plus the H1N1 vaccination – one would not be offered the option of taken them separately which was the case in 2009.

The United States FDA has listed an entirety of 6 univalent and 5 tricyclic vaccinations having approval for the current season in the United States alongside a single intra-nasal flu vaccination.

The current year’s seasonal flu vaccine would comprise of 3 type A, B viral forms with one of them being swine flu.

According to the CDC announcement, all Americans in the ages of six months till the year of fatality must go in for the yearly flu vaccine – irrespective of whether they are in good health or sickly.

In spite of the news percolating from across the globe regarding grave side-effects due to A(H1N1) vaccinations usage, the United States is still to deal with such worries as it is relevant to the forthcoming flu season.

Kids are not the sole set who appears to be reacting in a more violent manner to the tricyclic vaccination containing H1N1 constituent.

There were 3 indications of problems linked to the 2009 H1N1 swine flu vaccination namely:

  • Bell’s palsy – A neuroimmune response that makes the face paralysed.
  • Thrombocytopenia – An autoimmune kind of response wherein blood is not able to manufacture adequate platelet.
  • GBS or Guillain-Barre syndrome.

According to the latest advances in European and Scandinavian regions, the United States is presently nearing the 2010 to 2011 flu season alongside a vaccination which might be largely reaction-causing.

Almost 2600 side-effects have been cited to the Korea CDC linked to the swine flu vaccination which includes headache, allergy reactions, fever and even ten fatalities.

Flu Prevention sans placing health at risk

There has been a rise in researches done that strengthen the proof that vitamin D is an effective preventative means for tackling flu and colds.

For instance, in case one has conceived or intends on conceiving then recommendation by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) expectant females should be taking four thousand international units vitamin D everyday to combat infections and ailments for maintaining optimal health and delivering healthful and strong infants.

However these apparently huge levels of vitamin D might be gravely insufficient in several females and several of them might require over ten thousand international units (IU) daily and the sole means of ensuring is to undergo testing for how much vitamin D one has.

For instance, a Japan-based trial in 2009 found that a set of kids who took Vitamin D3 had a fifty-eight percent lesser likelihood of catching influenza A which is definitely more potent as compared to those flu vaccinations claiming to be and not coming with an onslaught of rather distressing side-effects.

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