First signs of pregnancy: indicators of pregnancy

The onset and first signs of pregnancy vary within women. Some women experience first signs of pregnancy within days of conception and others take few weeks before pregnancy symptoms come and lucky few feel no discomfort of first signs of pregnancy.

The First signs of pregnancy can be felt once the implantation occurs that is eight to ten days of ovulation and then gradually the signs lessen as the pregnancy comes to end of first trimester. Women go under physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.

The frustrating thing about First signs of pregnancy is that the signs are very similar to those that occur right before the onset of menstruating cycle. However when the first signs of pregnancy combined with high temperatures and a longer luteal phase then its time for you to know the success of achieving pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy are also indicator or symptoms that may be related to something other than pregnancy so it is important to understand indicators of pregnancy. It’s better to do home pregnancy test which will help you clearing your doubts.

First signs of pregnancy of way to motherhood: Signs that could mean you are expecting a baby:

first signs of pregnancyMissed Periods

This is the obvious one and most common one, when you find out you are missing a period, this a possible sign of pregnancy and this one leads women to search for more other detail signs of pregnancy. It may happen that you may even experience a lighter period then you’re usual when compared, and once you notice other signs start getting more prominent to you.

Just feeling pregnant

Some women have said they tend to get intuition that they are pregnant. First sign of pregnancy for them is their intuition; this is because they are so much in tune with the rhythm of their body that changes happening in them they can guess or some have even said that even if they are not in tune with their body they get kind of feeling like that they are pregnant. But its said that women’s intuition is often proven correct.

Breast Tenderness

The first change that any women can notice is change in breast, which is they tend to get swollen, tender and some what sore and may even have a tingling feeling. This may be felt during your bed time, while sleeping, shower, exercising, getting dressed.Breast plays important role in child birth so when women get pregnant their body prepares breast for producing milk and breast feeding. Hormones are secreted which are responsible.

Areoles getting darker

Nipples feel sore or become extra sensitive. Also the areoles get darker and enlarge as the body is preparing you for nursing.


Women tend to get exhausted a lot. As if their energy is being drained out. They get easily tired. And at times they look as if they have seen ghost, they tend to get green and pale. Exhaustion takes over you and you feel lot of need to rest. This is some flu like symptom. The changes include you going to bed to sleep early and in morning you don’t even feel like getting up and harder to get out of bed in morning. In noon, you want to take a nap or just lie down. Even as exciting thing as shopping gets you tired. And definitely you give a miss you work out session and don’t feel like exercise and rather of getting fresh you get exhausted.

This is mostly because of so much is happening inside your body, for which it needs more energy, also there is so much of hormones secretion which is on increasing level.

Taking rest and naps for fifteen to thirty minutes of possible it helps a lot. And if you slow down a bit of your pace of life, then exhaustion will get less. And if this is persistent for lots of days take a test if you planning or even go to doctor so that you know it is pregnancy or flu.

Frequent Urination

This is like trips to bathrooms. Bathroom may soon become your home, people will search you in bathroom first then in your bedroom or in office in ladies room then in your cubic. Pregnancy causes extra body fluids, which are processed by kidneys and bladder. Also this sign of pregnancy is here to stay for next nine months.


See this is part of first three months, and some are lucky to completely escape this. Queasiness, vomiting and nausea will not take you only by surprise but also your spouse and it will come when you are least expecting it. LOL. This may onset after first week of pregnancy. You may feel nausea in morning, at time of having coffee while eating or when your stomach is empty. Though with onset of second trimester it tends to go away.

Dizziness and Fainting

When climbing, or your exert yourself and may stand up suddenly after sitting for a time or even when you are waiting in line you will light headedness and at times you may faint.

Uterus swells in pregnancy which in turn compresses arteries in legs and this leads to drop in blood pressure and you may get dizzy. Also if you have not eaten for a while you may feel faint, as blood sugar may be low as this is your baby’s main food. So keep some food which is good in carbohydrates with you as this helps.

Food Cravings and aversion to food

You will suddenly want to eat a food and you want to eat it badly and such is your craving that people will think you are demented. And this is going to last for full pregnancy. Also you will like to mix some unusual food combinations and you will have funny food cravings. But the other side of coin is at times women develop aversion for food they loved the most.

Sensitivity to smell

You may feel nausea because of some smell or even some aroma which you liked a lot before like you may now get nausea coz of your perfume and at times smelling soap helps to stop nausea. Well this is pregnancy and its weird symptoms!

Morning Sickness

All know this symptom well and so well related to nausea. You feel queasy, when your body is craving for food. You may not agree with your breakfast that you were having since ages and now you just make face seeing them. You want to puke. All this is morning sickness.

Heartburn and Constipation

As uterus starts to swell for making a space to accommodate the baby it pushes against the stomach and other organs as it grows. Hormones also affect digestion and bowel function and these two last through out the pregnancy generally. Heartburn is cause as the slower emptying of stomach causes the increase release of stomach acid. Don’t take antacid without consulting doctors.

Mood Swings and Irritability

This is most common, mood swings of being happy at times to become irritating and depressed and feel elation and exhilarating and then get anxious and worry. In pregnancy hormones may cause this havoc of emotions upheaval. Also your mind is filled with questions of pregnancy and about the change in lifestyle, about finances and all such things.

Higher body temperature

You will feel warm, its not like you have fever but your temperature is slightly higher then usual body temperature initially.

Low back pain

Weight change, posture change and also hormones cause you backaches.

Implantation Bleeding

This happens when the fertilized egg begins to implant in uterus, there is slight bleeding and this place usually after 3 to 6 days after fertilization. And if this happens congrats you are pregnant.

Positive Pregnancy test

Obvious thing is get a test done and if it is positive then whoopee you are pregnant and the journey of parenting and precious gift of life is now in your womb and after nine months will be in your arms smiling.

First signs of pregnancy are indicators of you being pregnant and also will tell you to take a pregnancy test.

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