Fertility Boosting Yoga Poses – Part II

A lucid depiction of the best fertility-augmenting yoga poses for all women keen on bearing children.

Reclined ½ Pigeon Pose

  • A knee-friendly edition is lying on one’s back and hugging the right and left knee onto the trunk.
  • Lowering the right foot to the ground and stacking the left ankle over the right knee.
  • Reclined half pigeonReaching through the central opening and clasping the right shin.
  • Flexing the upper placed foot and softening the bottom-placed ankle.
  • Pulling the leg in a gentle manner for activating the piriformis muscle on the left side.
  • Doing deep breathing and visualizing greater room where one feels the most stretched.
  • Breathing till it starts softening.
  • Changing sides and being wary of add-on pointless tensions on the areas like the jaws, facial and shoulder areas.
  • Continue to do deep breathing for softening any responses to the feelings.

Baddha Konasana Pose (Bound angle Pose)

  • A true god-sent for females and helps in stimulating the abs and enhance ovarian functioning.
  • Baddha KonasanaBeing seated at ease on an exercise carpet and drawing the balls of the feet close to each other ahead of the pubis and allow the knees to unwrap outwards.
  • In case complete opening up of the knees are not occurring then it is merely indicative that the pelvis has not yet opened. For making oneself more comfortable one could be seated on a coverlet or hard cushion for elevating one’s hips which would be helpful.
  • Shutting eyes momentarily and tuning into one’s breathing.
  • Softening the belly and permit the inhalation for filling up the room in-between the navel and pubis as though one could take breaths into one’s uterus.
  • During exhalations, drawing the tummy in a gentle manner towards the lower back that helps to massage the inner organs.
  • Pressing the feet in a firm manner jointly for allowing the internal groins in stretching as one elongates the spine upwards and outwards of the hip area. Staying in this pose for a couple of breaths.
  • As one breathes, one’s body would begin softening into the pose. In case one senses that one could do leaning forwards while not caving in the lower portion of the back then extending forwards over one’s heels to reach up via the coronet of one’s head.
  • Holding on to the feet manually and in a gentle manner pressing the knees towards the ground using elbows. Breathing into the feeling in one’s hip area and keeping shoulder and facial areas softened.
  • It is a great pose for opening up the hip region and improving blood flow to the pelvic region and has been found to aid in balancing erratic menstrual cycles and improving ovarian functioning.

Upavistha Konasana Pose (Sitting Spread Leg Pose)

  • Upavistha KonasanaYoga pose ideal for stretching the hams, promoting blood supply to the pelvis and maintaining its proper health.
  • Being seated on a carpet and widening the legs. In case complete opening up of legs does not occur then it is merely indicative of the incomplete opening up of the pelvic region or hams. Being seated on a coverlet or firm-textured cushion would help in elevating the hips and increasing comfort levels.
  • Flexing feet backwards towards the facial area and ensuring that one’s feet are straightened upwards and downwards at ninety degree inclination to the ground.
  • Lifting up via the heart and extending the spine during inhalation.
  • With a longish spine, gradually walking the hands forwards till one feels the foremost sensations in the hams and groins. Halt at this instant and do breathing.
  • Doing inhalation as though one can take breaths inside the uterus, permitting abdominal softening and swelling and then breathe out when one draws the tummy inwards.
  • Once one has sensed that the body has opened up, walking the fingers forwards till the subsequent periphery of feeling. Halting, breathing & then continuing.
  • No sooner has one attained total extension then one could gradually ascend, leading with the heart and in a gentle manner shaking outwards the legs.
  • This pose aids in regulating menses and providing nourishment to ovaries.

Viparit Karni Pose

  • Viparit KarniIt helps in restoring and calming the cardiac rate & nervous system. It is a potent pose for females due to its reversing traits and capability of focusing on the second chakra that is believed to house the child-bearing organs.
  • Finding place at a wall and placing a longish hard pillow a few inches from the partition and being seated on it.
  • Now walking legs upwards on the wall till the hips are levelled and the back is placed to the ground.
  • Placing one of the hands on the heart and the other one on the tummy to create room in the heart.
  • It is a pose for receipt and let breathing to be soft-natured & deep to relax the mind while feeling the blood circulation budge in the body.
  • Envisage a water fall beginning at the legs and pool in the hip region while it gradually spills over to the upper extremities.
  • A pose which could be done when periods are on-going till the time the hips are levelled.

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  1. Aliza Slagel says:

    Yoga is one of the greatest classic physical and mental disciplines, comparable to Tai Chi. I practise together and I feel my mind and body more clear and healthier.

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