Fertility Boosting Yoga Poses – Part I

Explicated herewith are five top yoga poses that promote blood circulation to the reproductive system, lower stress and bring about hormonal balance.

Reclined Baddha Konasana

It helps in softening the inner organs, opening the pelvic region, unburdening the soul and calming the senses. One could employ a single or duo longish pillows, however one could employ a long pillow plus block, 4 coverlets or a combo of the above for creating one’s own nuzzled haven for unwinding.

  • Reclined Baddha KonasanaSetting the block or long pillow for adding height crossways and then perpendicularly placing coverlets or long pillow at 90 degree inclination to the first one. One must ideally be getting a gently placed slanting ramp for head placement at the peak posture followed by the heart and finally pelvic region to the floor.
  • Those with neck problems could seldom use coverlets as an alternative and roll the upper one underneath for supporting the cervical spine. The solution is placing upper body propped at an inclination, hip region to the ground and one could lean backwards, drawing heels inward, foot bases making contact with one another and relaxing.
  • In case the groins are too tense or slack then one could be benefited by placing a block or cushion underneath either knees for softening the groins and supporting the pelvic region to relax.
  • In case shoulders are too tense then one could raise the elbows in the analogous way using cushions or a block at both the elbows.
  • Ideally, on settling down and doing deep breaths, allow the mind to examine the body for any tensions and releasing them via breaths. Also attempt infusing the inner organs with whitish light as one inhales and allowing oneself to let go of any tension during exhalations thus producing additional space inside with every breath.
  • Staying in this pose for five to fifteen minutes to reap optimal benefits.

Dual Pigeon Pose

Reclining half pigeonReclined-half pigeon pose is ideal for those having tightness in the hip region. Double pigeon pose aids in releasing pent up emotional burden present in the muscles that guard the passage of energy in the hip region.

  • Double pigeon is a pose done while sitting wherein the shins are stacking flawlessly on-top of one another and creating an equal-sided triangular form from the shins to the pubic-bone.
  • Now flexing feet, lengthening spine and threading pubic bone backwards that would help in releasing the hips and over the bowed legs.
  • Breathing is vital to honour the system’s perimeters of resistance and facilitate in opening it once it is ready and then establish thrust.
  • Extending arms straight ahead of oneself with the elbows on the ground and creating a praying pose using hands on the forehead area or extending the fingertips on the floor and walking hands outwards till they are straightened.
  • Breathing till the discomforting feeling lessens and then changing sides and alternate opposing foot over the knee and shins to be placed parallel.
  • In case one is in the double pigeon pose then one could prop oneself on a longish pillow and simply working at raising oneself up via the heart and softly lean forwards. In the half pigeon pose one could also attempt being seated on a chair and cross the ankle over the knee and allowing gravity work its way for softening the hips and hinging ahead from the hip region and breathing.
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