A Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Safe Exercise & Weight Loss

Though weight pile on during gestation is normal, no sooner has child birth occurred many mothers are keen on dropping surplus pounds and fitting into their pre-pregnancy clothes. Breastfeeding mothers might be cautious and doubtful about working out worried if it would impact milk supply.

But when comforts and expediency are aptly planned postpartum females could continue breastfeeding whilst engaging in regular exercise.


A woman’s body innately produces milk aptly suited to the infant’s requirements. Engaging in exercise doesn’t affect milk production despite doing heavy exercising. A study appearing in the journal ‘Nutrition’ during 1994 showed that subsequent to 6-8 weeks post-delivery there was no dissimilarity in milk supply in-between mothers who exercised and ones lively inactive existence. Also, it has been proven that calorific restrictions rather than physical activity was causal to problems with milk supply, according 1992 trial appearing in the ‘New England Journal Of Medicine’.

Time Period

Breastfeeding mothers must ideally be waiting till their infants are around 2 months of age prior to going aboard on any form of weight reduction program for ensuring that nursing is well-established firstly.

ExercisingBreastfeeding prior to exercising increases a mother’s comfort levels. Emptying breasts pre-workout reduces breast bulkiness & curtails jarring. Moreover, in case mothers plan to get along their babies along when jogging or walking, in most likelihood the infant might prefer napping or in the least resting silently when one is getting the daily exercise quota.

Bear in Mind

Focussing on maintaining optimal hydration levels is important especially when a woman breastfeeds and works out. Perspiration and breastfeeding in merger could dehydrate the body in case mothers are not heedful regarding water intake pre and post workout. Those mothers bringing along jogging strollers could utilize mug holders for keeping water in close reach and quenching thirst all through.


A number of infants dislike the taste of perspiration. In case the infant shows refusal to nursing subsequent to the mother having exercised, then cleaning off nipple area and offering the breast once more. Additionally, even as postpartum mothers would require donning supporting brassiere when exercising (high-impact workout like aerobics or jogs) it is best to steer clear from underwire brassieres since they could be contributory to milk duct plugging that may cause mastitis (infected ducts).

Mothers who have had an experience of blocked ducts earlier on, should ideally be steering clear from excess upper-arm movements as it may be contributory to the problem.

Calorific Nutrient Intake

Nursing moms must never go on any crash diet and instead lay emphasis on healthful, gradual weight reduction with target not crossing 1.5 lbs weekly.

Even nursing exhumes two to six hundred calories daily and considerably curbs flab about the hip area. A 2008 study appearing in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ breastfeeding gets rid of gestational weight gain within half a year, on average.

SWoman exercisingince breastfeeding exhumes that many calories, these mothers require no less than 1500-1800 calories daily for maintaining optimal milk production. Several females might also require over 1800 calories daily hence it is vital that calorific consumption every day be reduced solely to a miniscule extent for determining the perfect calorie level. Also abruptly decreasing calories could slacken or also totally stop milk supply.

Females who shed fat swiftly like the ones on crash diets, might inadvertently be releasing toxic substances accrued in fats which could be harmful to the infant. Shedding flab at a gradual rate facilitates such toxic substances to be effectually sieved out of the body via liver & kidneys.

Also nursing mothers should be getting a wide array of vitamin, mineral types like vitamins D, B6, B12, calcium, folic acid, iodine and dietetic intake rich in fruit, veggies and whole grain varieties that would offer the necessary nutritional worth to mothers and infants.

Several firms like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig provide specially tailored diet plans for nursing mothers though several of these need physician consent prior to enrolling in them. Nursing mothers must ideally be steering clear from stringent diet types that curb whole-food sets like low-carb Atkins diet. An altered form of the diet might be suitable like for instance South Beach Diet recommending nursing mothers to start with the second stage.

In case mothers are experiencing plateaus during weight reduction then exercise could be added and around a hundred calories curbed daily for showing results. One thing to bear in mind is that exercising transitorily changes how breast milk tastes that infants might not feel appealing, as per trial appearing in ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ appearing in mid-nineties.

Also weight loss pill types like Hoodia, Alli are not advisable for nursing mothers since their impact on breastfed babies is not researched in depth.

The potent combo of nursing and exercising could assist all mothers in shedding gestational weight gain and also reduce their likelihood of suffering from postpartum depression.

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