De-Clobbering 5 Myths about Potty Training

Some children get potty-trained within days; while there are others who fail to do it and keep having ‘accidents’ for many weeks, months and even lasting for years on end. However, before one gets discouraged and aggravated wondering how much time one’s kids would take in totally mastering this ability, one needs to be sentient about some persistently lingering potty-training myths and brushing up on some facts.

Fallacy No 1: Potty-training must commence once the infant is eighteen months of age

Potty TrainingThe reality is that there is a wide-ranging age of inclination depending on the kids’ level of maturity, how physically coordinated he/she is, any older aged siblings and further more. One needs to commence potty training when it is suitable for the child, instead of paying heed to someone else’s random almanac. Indications of being ready are: showing interest in the loo, capable of pulling shorts up and down, remaining dry for snooze time, desiring privacy while ‘pooping’, and can follow basic directions. Few kids are set to begin once they reach eighteen months of age or even before that time – however some would show no interest till ages of 2 or 3. Pushing the kids prior to them showing any interest or being ready is bound to boomerang the best endeavours one might make. Gauging the probable outcomes- the best being that potty-training would get postponed or the most unpleasant aspect would be the kid might start hold backing which could lead to agonising infections or being constipated.

Fallacy No 2: Potty-training should be mission accomplished by the time the infant touches three

This is not true, as all kids are different and there is no clear-cut age when potty-training must be accomplished. There would be few kids who would keep on having accidents for some time subsequent to being totally trained. Furthermore, bed-wetting could persist in few kids till their school-going years.

Fallacy No 3: Potty-training could occur quickly

Untrue. At times it could happen, though not for all. There are few mothers and books that aver to having an effective means to potty-training the child in a single weekend. Though this method could prove to be effective in some kids, but in spite of it working for one’s child, there are bound to be stray accidents occurring even weeks later on. Gaining knowledge of the means of using the potty and identifying when one must go – is a skill that is inculcated in due course of time and any deal of speedy-training would not be able to modify that.

Fallacy No 4: Potty-training is a disciplinary matter

This once again is not true as at times it could transform into a control issue, however when this does happen, the kid would have control as to where and when to visit the loo. It could get exasperating for the parents and no amount of scaring, humiliating or punishing the kid into picking up this skill soon would not be helpful. Staying positive, loads of support and showing consistency would help ease the process for all.

Fallacy No 5: As soon as the kid is potty-trained, one’s task is complete

Untrue. In majority of the cases, one would merely have to do this task once. Nevertheless it is likely that children have a tendency to go two strides ahead and then backtrack one step – especially when a major occurrence has upset their regular schedules. Shifting, having a new child sibling in the house, beginning school or a grave sickness could all elicit a novel spate of potty mishaps. In case one is faced with such major alterations in one’s life, one needs to have patience, understanding and consistency. The lesser one harasses the kid regarding the mishap, the lesser of a major deal the kid would make of it, and the sooner it would pass.

All said, diaper-changing and clearing up the mess subsequent to potty mishaps could be quite frustrating, and majority of the parents are thrilled when that certain stage is past them. But giving the kid space and time they require for developing this vital skill, they would be able to better comprehend it in a swifter and more amiable manner.

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