Conceive Girl Baby – Handy Tips for Maximizing Chances

Since long, women have been swapping suggestions on the best way of enhancing their likelihood of getting either a male or female baby, though several of those lack any medical proof about their actual efficacy.

Some women confess to have found some of the folklore and old wife’s tales do seem to work for them. All those women intent on tipping the scales towards having a female baby, trying a few ideas mentioned herewith might just do the trick.

  • The best pointer on attempting to conceive girl baby is being aware of when one starts ovulating (midst of menstrual cycle in case menses are regular). In case one could zero in on the precise date, it would greatly improve one’s odds of having a girl innately. Bearing in mind that the male sperm cells have a quicker pace at reaching the egg, hence one would want to halt any sexual contact close to 3 days before one’s ovulation phase thus ensuring that solely sperm cells facilitating creation of a girl would be the ones present during that time.
  • Increasing consumption of milk, cheeses, yoghurts, fish, particular vegetables, salt-free food items, rice, pastas and mineral water. Limiting quantity of intake of items like meats, potato, however avoiding salted or salt in foods, wines, tomato, mushroom, chocolates, caffeine.
  • Man reaching orgasm prior to the woman.
  • Having sex often that would lessen the man’s sperm count and hence enhancing prospects of the female sperm being the foremost one to be able to reach the egg.
  • When the partner does not penetrate deep during the act.
  • When the women is the one initiating the love making process.
  • Making love during noon times.
  • Love making during even days in the month.
  • Placing a wooden spoon underneath the bedding where one unwinds and a pink-coloured ribbon placed underneath the cushion.
  • Lovemaking process culminating in missionary pose.Conceive Girl Baby

Scientifically, following ways could be useful to improve probability to conceive girl baby.

  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

    This method entails IVF or in-vitro fertilization wherein embryo creation is done outside a woman’s body and then examined for sex and heritable conditions. The major downside is the price being almost twenty thousand dollars for one attempt. Additionally there is likelihood of multiple conceptions.

  • MicroSort, Ericsson Method

    These processes comprise of arranging out the male-creating sperm from the female-creating sperm, after which implantation of the looked-for sperm is done inside the uterus via artificial insemination method. Lesser efficacy as compared to PGD, however lesser on the cost too.

  • Shettles Method

    Though simpler has comparatively lesser efficacy in comparison to the other processes and is all about timing intercourse on particular days of one’s menstrual cycle. It employs mapping cervical mucus and basal body temperatures and using ovulation forecasting kit. This conjecture advises having sexual contact in 2 -3 days prior to a woman ovulating to conceive girl baby, as nearer a woman is to her ovulating date, more is the likelihood of conceiving a male. Shettles proposes that a woman should ideally avoid reaching orgasm during sexual contact in case one is attempting for conceiving a girl as the matter released post-orgasm are believed to make surroundings in the vagina less favourable for a girl sperm.

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