Cold Sores

Cold Sores are tiny, excruciating blisters in red or purple tones generally appearing on the outer rim of the lip on merely one side. Cold sores could surface as a single or a cluster formation and at times are fluid inundated. Though known as cold sores or at times fever blisters, they are not fever or cold related. Cold sores are not alike canker sores that are tiny whitish sores mostly observed in the interiors of the mouth.

Cold Sores Causes

  • Herpes is the reason behind cold sores erupting and is the prevalent form of viral infections worldwide. Medically termed as herpes simplex, it is has two kinds namely HSV-1 (Herpes simplex virus one) and HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex virus two). Despite both being the causative factors for cold sores appearing around an individual’s mouth, mostly HSV-1 is the main offender.
  • HSV-1 is so widespread that majority of the Americans contract the infection though several might be asymptomatic. HSV-1 could be contracted by kissing one who is infected by cold sore or when one shares an orally used vessels or container. Hence, it does not come as a shocker to observe the increased prevalence of cold sores globally.
  • Kids that contract the HSV-1 infection could develop cold sores sporadically during the rest of their lifetime as despite the sores having shrivelled and scabbed off, the virus remains dormant in the system awaiting another instance to activate and lead to further sores. When cold sores do recur, they mostly crop up in the analogous place as in the past.

Cold Sores Symptoms

  • cold soresOriginating as blisters on the lips and the inner areas of the mouth, turning into sores.
  • The gums turn reddish and swell up.
  • In other situations, the virus could additionally cause fever, aching muscles, eating problems, an overall sense of unwell, irritable behaviour and swelling in the neck glands.
  • They generally scab or crust over prior to subsiding. They endure for 7-14 days and generally do not need any specialised treatment.
  • In case the virus is triggered again due to some stress factor then it could lead to a tingling and numb sensation in the area around the mouth and lead to a blister.

Cold Sores Treatment

  • Topical applications of cold, chilly items like ice covered in cloth placed on the sore or eating a popsicle would be helpful.
  • At times, cold sores could make a kid ill for which the doctor would advice to give the child special medicines for combating the virus.
  • In case the sores are turning agonising, kids could be given acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve the discomfort. Though aspirin must not be offered to kids having viral infections as it has been linked with Reye syndrome.
  • Avoiding picking on the sores as it could only aggravate the condition.

Cold Sores Prevention

  • cold sores preventionAvoiding physical contact like kissing someone who has cold sores. Not drinking or eating from the same utensil or using the same eating tools.
  • Not to share towels, handkerchiefs, or washcloths as the virus could survive on the fabric.
  • Washing hands on a frequent basis and stopping kids from touching their eyes as HSV infecting the eyes could be quite serious.
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