Breast Feeding Your Baby Born Via Surrogate or Adoption

Breast feeding your infant born via a surrogate mother or adoption is a great decision taken & it is attainable as well as comparatively easy to do with a fairly good likelihood of you producing considerable quantity of milk.

Nursing & Breast Milk

The duo main problems related to nursing such babies are firstly getting them to nurse & the other being producing breast milk. Setting expectations to a realistic extent is crucial for women in this situation. As nursing transcends more than just breast milk, several moms are content with being able to nurse sans the expectations of producing the complete requirement of the baby – it is the closeness, special bond & the natal attachment of nursing which several moms are yearning for.

How to get the infant to take the breasts

Though a lot of folks don’t believe that introducing bottles earlier on might be interfering with nursing, the earlier introduction of synthetic nipples could certainly hinder it. The earlier one could get the infant to the breasts following his/ her birth, the better. But, infants require breast milk flow for continued latching on & suckling particularly when they have got accustomed to obtaining the flow from bottles or other feeding method like cups or finger-feeding. Thus, what must one do in such a scenario?

  • Have a detailed conversation with the staff of the health care centre or hospital where the infant is scheduled to be delivered & notify breast feeding & lactation consultants in advance that you are intent on breast feeding the infant. They must be co-operative for accommodating your wishes on having the infant fed via finger-feeding or cups, in case you would not be able to have the infant to breastfeed soon following his/ her delivery. Factually, it is possible in several hospitals to have an arrangement done wherein you, the biological mom or when the baby is adopted then you, the adoptive mother are in attendance at the arrival of the baby & take the infant instantaneously to nurse. It is a well-established fact that sooner one begins breast feeding, the better it is.
  • Keep your newly born in close skin contact with yourself, being bare yourself till the waistline & the infant too sans clothes apart from his nappy, is most crucial at this point in time. Doing this aids in establishing the needed exchanges of sensorial info amid mom & infant & aids in establishing several physiological processes – like maintaining the infant’s blood glucose levels, respiratory & cardiac rates, O2 saturation & the analogous bacterial colonisation as the mother. Moreover, it also promotes the establishment of these novel surroundings as his/ her very own & facilitates him/ her in nursing whilst assisting you to produce milk.
  • Many a surrogate carrier or when the baby is adopted, the biological mom, is ready to nurse the infant for the initial couple of days. In case the baby is adopted, social service workers have some concerns that this would be resulting in the real mom having a change of heart – which is a strong possibility & it is better to not be taking this risk. In case of surrogate moms, doing this might be setting up some unanticipated feelings of resentments & repentance amid the surrogate & real mom. But, this has been accomplished earlier & facilitates the infant to nurse, obtain the precious colostrum & not receiving artificial feeds at the onset.
  • Proper latch-on holds even more importance when the mom isn’t having full milk flow. Good latching translates to no discomforting feeds and the infant getting more of the mother’s breast milk irrespective of it being superfluous or scant.
  • In case the infant needs supplementation then this must be accomplished using lactation aid with the supplements being offered whilst the infant is nursing. Infants learn to nurse by breast feeding & not by being fed by cups, finger feeds or bottle feeds. Certainly, your earlier expressed breast milk too could be used for supplementing. In case it is possible then milk from breast milk banks is the 2nd finest supplement subsequent to your milk. By using lactation aids, these infants are yet nursing even while they are being supplemented; as what matters in the end is that the infant is being offered breast feeding.
  • In case you are facing issues trying to get the infant to take your breasts then seek guidance of your doctor or lactation consultant at the earliest.

Tips to Produce Breast Milk

No sooner is an infant in sight then get in touch with a nursing clinic & begin getting your milk flow ready. Women in this position need to realize that they might not be capable of producing full breast milk flow for their babies & must not get disheartened by what they see is pumped out prior to the infant being delivered since pumps aren’t as potent at milk extraction as a infant who sucks & latches on properly. The key objective of pumping prior to the infant being delivered is drawing milk out of your breasts so that you would be producing still more amount & satisfactory flow is maintained.

  1. Hormonal Intake – In case the woman knows ahead of time, like a minimum of three or four months earlier, then being treated with a combo of progesterone + estrogen (analogous to birth control pill, though sans any breaks or estrogen patch on the breasts alongside orally taken progesterone) & domperidone would help in stimulating the hormonal setting of gestation to some extent & might facilitate additional milk production.
  2. Pumps – In case manageable then renting electric pumps having a dual set-up. When the duo breasts are pumped at an analogous instant it would be taking fifty percent of the time, evidently, & also resulting in better milk flow. Women must begin to pump once they halt the intake of contraceptive pill. In case two times a day is doable initially then doing it or when once per day during the course of the week though six times at weekends could be achievable then it is alright. Your partner could also assist with stimulating your nipples.
  3. Domiperidone – This medicine could assist in increasing milk flow. It isn’t compulsory for a woman in such a situation to take domiperidone for breast feeding her adopted infant, though it would assist her in developing more surplus milk flow sooner. There isn’t anything as a one hundred percent safe medicine. In case one decides on taking Domiperidone then the start dosage is thirty milligrams thrice daily though there are cases where even forty milligrams for four times per day have been taken by women. It is important to discuss with your doctor or lactation consultant about this. The use of pumps & domperidone helps majority of the adopted moms in producing droplets of breast milk following 2-4 weeks.

A woman may or may not be able to produce milk for sufficing her infant’s needs though some breast milk is always better than nothing at all. Despite some setbacks, women could yet nurse their baby & enjoy the special relationship that it is bringing along.

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