Bipolar Mothers – Could They Be Good Parents?

Providentially, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder no more translates to a life of solitude and seclusion. With effective treatment obtainable, those individuals ailing from this mostly misconstrued mental ailment could live life to the hilt and have a normal existence. Blossoming careers, caring and enduring relationships are all possible for such people and could also successfully bring up normal, healthy kids.

Treatment being the solution out in Bipolar disorder wherein the inflicted individual undergoes sporadic episodes of depressive feelings and manic behaviourisms. Extreme moodiness could time and again play havoc in the lives of such persons in all spheres of their lives, such as the work place and in their family.

There are varied kinds of bipolar disorder that differ in accordance to the extent of their severity. Bipolar disorder could be a rather tricky condition as the person affected classically starts becoming symptomatic several years prior to the illness actually being detected, and even then it is not unusual for this ailment to be wrongly diagnosed.

bipolar womanIn case a woman with undetected bipolar disorder was to be expecting a child, it could majorly affect her capability of becoming an ideal parent. When bipolar disorder individuals are not treated, they could exhibit significant impulsiveness and even start showing suicidal tendencies. There is a major likelihood that untreated bipolar mothers could undeniably be putting their children’s lives in jeopardy during the course of an agitated, manic or depressive attack, whether it could be due to bundled thought process or utter neglect.

However, when bipolar women are taught how to effectively manage their ailments, they could don parenting roles with great élan, even doing better than many non-bipolar moms.

Effectual management generally translates to be able to learn the way of tracking one’s moods and signs, consuming the appropriate combination of medication in the right doses and taking advice from a mental health care professional for assisting one in dealing with the symptoms and the shame that is mostly linked with bipolar disorder.

Despite bipolar disorder being effectually managed, there are still some other problems that bipolar individuals need to mull over prior to having kids. Firstly, majority of the medications that are advised by the doctor for treating bipolar disorder could cause congenital anomalies in case that patient was to get pregnant. This is a particularly sticky situation particularly in those ailing from quite severe bipolar disorder as discontinuation of the medicines could cause major threat to the welfare of the mother and probably have an undue bearing on her capability to effectually tend to the infant following birth. But, the strong likelihood of congenital defects is a risk that cannot be taken during the course of pregnancy. With no clear cut solution in sight, bipolar women would need to halt their medications to be able to have a normal child. Hence, it is imperative that she have a strong support system like family and friends for closely monitoring her moods and helping her tide through difficult phases during the course of pregnancy.

Another bothersome aspect to bipolar disorder is that it a heritable ailment and there is strong probability that it could be transmitted to the next generation. However, that must not deter such women from having kids. When kept under control, these women could function well in the parameters of society and must not vacillate to bring a new life into this world.

There is no surety that the infant born would be bipolar, and even if they were, the mother would be able to spot the early cautionary symptoms and would by then be adept at helping her kid at managing his/her illness.

All parents have some or the other hindrances they need to mull over prior to getting a new life in this world. But one with bipolar disorder has to ponder about a lot more issues at hand.

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