Beneficial Finger Foods for the Toddlers

Finger foods for toddlersParents are advised to offer finger foods to their toddlers as doing so helps in developing coordination and motor skills in the kids. The practice of having finger foods automatically teaches a child how to eat on his own. Initially you might find that your little one is playing with the foods offered to them; do not interfere in what they are doing. Soon you will find your kid putting some of the finger food into their mouth. Below, we have discussed some beneficial finger food options that you can offer to your toddler.


You can offer all kinds of fruits to your toddler; however, the presentation of the fruits will vary. If you are offering hard fruits like pears and apples, you should cook them, especially if your little one is too young. Softer fruits like grapes can be cut into quarters of halves and then offered to the baby. The safest options for the toddlers however are bananas and ripe peaches.


The hard and raw vegetables leaves your toddler at risk of experiencing choking; so, offer such vegetables to your baby only after coBest finger foods for toddlersoking them well. Cook the cauliflower, carrots, and broccolis well and then present them to the toddler. The risk of choking is much lower for vegetables like summer squash, zucchini and cucumber. Serve the vegetables as strips or sticks along with dips like salsa, guacamole or hummus.


The grain products that can be used most effectively as finger foods are graham crackers, animal crackers and whole-grain crackers. You can serve these grin based food items alone or by adding a layer of peanut butter on them; you can also offer tasty yogurt dips along with the crackers.

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