Autism Symptoms in Older Kids

As kids grow, the red-alert indications of autism too turn more assorted. There are several caveat indications; however they classically hover around impairment in social skill, verbal communication & language problems, non-vocal communicational problems & rigid behaviourism.

Autism Symptoms

Social Difficulties

Fundamental social communication could be hard for autistic kids. Several children having autism spectrum appear to be content living in their own mini-world, distant & disconnected from those around him/her.

  • Seems not interested or not aware of others or what is happening around him/her.
  • Not knowing about ways of connecting with people, playing or forming friendships.
  • Autistic kids prefer no touching, holding or cuddling be done to them.
  • He/she does not play ‘make-belief’ games, or engaging in any game involving group participation, imitating those around or using a toy creatively.
  • The child has problems trying to understand or speak about what he/she feels.
  • The child does not appear to be hearing when people around speak to him/her.
  • Not sharing his interest or achievement with those around (like toy, drawing).

Verbal communication problems

Kids having ASD face problems related to dialogue & communication, mostly begin speaking later on in life.

  • Speaking in an irregular voice tenor or having strange rhythms or pitches. For instance, the child would prefer ending sentences as though posing a query.
  • Repeating the analogous word or phrase again & again.
  • Responding to a query by say it again instead of giving an answer to it.
  • Employs language erroneously –like mistakes grammatically or incorrect wordings.
  • The child faces difficulties when he/she tries to communicate need or desire.
  • The child would take whatever spoken to him/her in a literal manner. For example, missing undertone of comedy, satire & mockery).

Non-vocal Communications problems

Some autism symptoms include problems faced trying to pick up understated non-vocal signals & deploying body language thus making the ‘giving-&-taking’ in social interactions rather tricky in achieving for such kids.

  • The child would avoid making eye-to-eye contact.
  • He/she would use facial expression which is not matching with what he/she says.
  • The child fails in understanding face expression, voice tenor & gesturing to those around.
  • He/she would hardly make any gesturing like pointing and could be dubbed robotic or cold.
  • The child shows unusual reaction to smell, texture, sound or sight.
  • Irregular bearing, awkwardness or odd manner of movement like only walks tip-toed.


Constrained, stubborn or also compulsive behaviourism, activity & interest are some of the autism symptoms in older kids.

  • The child would be following a strict schedule. For instance, insisting to take a particular direction to school.
  • He/she faces problems acclimatizing to any alterations in schedules or surroundings. For instance, throwing tantrums when furnishings are re-positioned or bedtimes at a diverse time than normal.
  • Atypical attachment to toy or strange items like key, rubber band or light switch.
  • Obsessive lining up of items or their arrangement in a particular manner.
  • Pre-occupied with a narrowed item of interests, mostly entailing number or symbol (for instance, memorizes & recites piece of information regarding map, schedule of train or figures of some sport).
  • Spending hours on end trying to arrange play items in a particular manner, watches items in motion like fans on the ceilings, or focuses on a particular segment of an item.
  • Repeating the analogous deeds or motions recurrently like flaps hands, rocks backwards & forwards, taps ears, scratches, flicks finger, bangs his/her head, stars at lighting, moves his/her fingers ahead of the eye, snaps finger, spins in circles, flicks light switch off/on, spins wheels, spins items, lines up toy or items, repeats word or noise, watches items in motion – all of which are prevalent self stimulating behaviourisms.

In your kid has developmental delay or in case one has noticed other red-alert signs of autism then one should instantaneously be scheduling a visit with a child specialist. Factually one should ideally take their child to undergo screening by a physician despite him/her attaining development milestones timely. According to AAP recommendation every child must be offered regular development screening alongside being screened for autism when they are nine, eighteen & thirty months old.

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