Attention Deficit Disorder Moms – Seven Parenting Strategies That Help

What’s the everyday routine of a mother with attention deficit disorder (ADD) seem like?

An ADD/ ADHD mom nags her son about maintaining his school work in proper order whilst her own bureau resembles a tsunami-stricken zone. Constant struggles for getting the children to school on the right time & then dashing around behind scheduled time for personal commitments.

Several of the attributes accompanying attention deficit disorder – being hyperactive, impulsive & inattentive – makes it difficult for kin to get by the day without an argument, skipped deadline or a meltdown.

Topping off the challenge is the fact that your kids also may get ADHD.

Children with ADHD generally would be having a minimum of one close family relative who would also have the disorder.

And even in case your kids do not have the condition, there’s a natural tendency of picking the attributes from their mothers.

The answer to having a friction-free, smooth-running day is to understand how ADHD is affecting you, charting out a task-management plan & not sensing guiltiness regarding one’s limitation.

Several ADHD specialists advice a therapy plan that entail counselling sessions especially behavioural therapy that aids in changing how a patient would be approaching a task, medications & support group. Moreover, it is even believed that basic amendments could be simplifying everyday routines.

Here is the way to solve some of the commonest parenting issues that mothers with ADHD are facing on a daily basis.

Minimizing the dawn hustle

Clothes in the air, footwear not seen & lunch box not prepared. An ADHD adult’s propensity for procrastinating makes packing children out the doorway sense alike a –alarm shoot. There are high levels of stress, frustrations & yelling at one another.

What’s to be Done – Chart out a listing of tasks that need to be accomplished in the morning & what ones could be done on the previous night like making lunch, laying out the kid’s clothing, packing his/ her backpack, placing tools by the doorway & ensure signing of school paperwork & set to go. Merely one task ticked off from the dawn to-do list would be making a major difference.

Stepping out Homework Task

Assisting children with their homework assignments is a major area of clash for ADD/ ADHD mothers. Majority of the mothers are aware of the drill – one kid is begging for assistance to complete his fifth grade maths assignment which appears more like that of a tenth grade Maths class while the other is asking for guidance on a science project.

For women who might not have fared well themselves in school due to ADHD, homework could be particularly exasperating.

What’s to be Done – Begging off homework tasks & not sensing guiltiness regarding it. Rather, try recruiting assistance one needs:

  • Swapping dusk duties with your partner. Prepare dinners or bill clearance whilst he assists the child with his/ her homework.
  • Hiring teen tutors on an hourly basis.
  • Letting an elder brother/ sister swap a task to look after his/ her younger sibling’s homework.
  • Asking an adult buddy for a helping hand.
  • Having your kid spend time post-school for additional assistance from his/ her teachers & going along if one could. In this way, the kid is getting the assistance he requires & ones gives the message to his/ her teachers that one cares.

Skip Over-Volunteering

Impulsiveness is a trademark of attention-deficit hyperactive disorder leading to several mothers gamely agreeing to baking fifty muffins for the classroom party. The issue here is that they haven’t thought through the reality of being wakeful through the night attempting to finish this assignment at hand.

Several females having ADHD are into people-pleasing. Their sensitivity & eagerness for fitting in translates to them volunteering for whatever is on the table.

What’s to be Done – ‘Let me give it a thought & then I would be getting back to you on this matter’ is what’s recommended. Doing this would offer one the time needed for considering the needs of tasks prior to agreeing to them. In case one doesn’t have faith in one’s judgements then asking for inputs from dependable buddies or your hubby & then penning down what’s to be said prior to calling the individual back. In this manner, one commits solely to what could be accomplished & would not be getting talked into anything more.

Digging out of the paperwork inundation

It commences with those darned preschool registering form & escalating through the year – preschool contact numbers, dinner menus, fund-raising form, reading list, schedule, consent slip – basically the entire bunch.

For somebody having ADHD, this stack of papers can really overwhelm him/ her.

What’s to be Done – Creating a file for school paperwork bearing folders or bins for every kid to place crucial school papers into, inclusive of anything that requires signing & returning.

No sooner has the kid come back from school, get him/ her to scan his/ her bag & place any parents-pertinent document inside his/her folders.

Papers are ideally to be kept in the kitchen or a place where the kin would be gathering at the conclusion of the day – so one remembers reviewing the document. This should be made a task one deals with on a daily basis till it turns out to be an errand that one doesn’t need thinking about.

In case emails or voice mail assists you in organizing the day then asking the kid’s teachers to keep in touch with you in this manner instead of send the paperwork home. One doesn’t need to be revealing to the school that one has ADHD but it is definitely more beneficial to be planned & orderly.

Managing a meltdown

When one knows one’s kid is bound to starting throwing tantrums once one hits those aisles at the super mart then instead of fearing the scenario, prepare a plan in advance which definitely helps individuals with ADHD who are often struggling with task such as these types. Rather, they see imminent temper flare-ups – their personal ones or their kids. But when such tricky moments are stopped prior to them starting, frustrations could be minimized.

What’s to be Done – During tranquil moments, listing down triggering factors that blow your lid off alongside how one must be handling them & then listing your kid’s too. Having plans in place to deal with tantrums or tricky situations does help minimize anxiety of the mother & her kid.

Strategies for minimizing meltdown:

  • In case your kid’s short fuse is coming just prior to sleep time then finding some soothing activities like listen to tunes or read books together.
  • In case the mother or her kid need a physical vent – like post-dinner then scheduling activities during that period.
  • In case one’s medicine is wearing off quite early then discussing with one’s doctor as there are several drugs which are offering varied time-release options. A physician might even amend the mother or her kid’s medicines for easier transitioning.

Creating a kin calendar

Would one leave a kid abandoned at sports rehearsals? This does sound dreadful however it is a fact of life for ADHD mothers.

What’s to be Done – ADHD adult as well as kid are observed to be responding to optical reminders, hence large board calendars would help one in remembering the kin’s schedule. Differing colours could be used for the kid’s schedules & hanging it in an area where the entire kin could view it when entering or exiting the home.

A number of people suffering from this disorder are hypersensitive to the odour of markers hence in case the snowboard fails in working then opt for colour tapes on the walls, sticker or room partitions having push pin. The crucial aspect is to get the children to assist in setting it up. Then it is no more regarding making them adhere to the schedule but the entire kin being part of it & resolving an issue. Irrespective of the calendar system chosen, ensure that it’s easily modifiable as boredom often sets in for ADHD adults leading to them ignoring their own solutions which make the system fail.

Embracing alternative answers

Opt for approaches fitting the kin’s requirements & keeping the day as smooth-going as doable.

Laundry might be a matter than overwhelms several ADHD kin hence all simply live out of creels. Some kin might consume breakfast food during dinners once in a week’ time or be taking the front off dressers for organizing clothing better. Avoid comparing oneself with other kin & ensure surrounding yourself with individuals who would love you the way you are rather than the way your abode appears.

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