Are Your Child’s Fears Normal or Grave Phobias

Halloween could bring to light daunting topics to the fore – particularly among children. A usual part-&-parcel of existence, infancy fears classically crop up from distressing experiences such as a kid who experienced a dog bite, listening to or glimpsing something disquieting or these could basically be fabricated in the kid’s head.

Any fear which is not gravely interfering with the kid’s life –those which he/she comprehends dealing with – could in fact be a good thing and make the kid wary and tough when they deal with tricky scenarios in life.

However when do fears take a deeper, graver meaning that this?

Fears prompting children into considerably altering their lifestyles are deemed as phobia. For example, a fear due to which your kid is not going to school or doing day-to-day activity such as sleep, eat or bathe needs addressing by mental health experts.

Explained herewith are several prevalent fear provokers and ways of helping kids in overcoming them.

Fear of darkFearing the Dark

A number of kids dread what may await them in the shadows – some goblin, ghost or monster. Although make-believe, these could really be terrifying antagonists.

Tackling Tips

  • Firstly parents must avoid minimizing any fears of their kids as it would solely ignite their feelings and re-traumatize them and thus aggravate the scenario. Rather, try investing in cute night lights for allaying your kid’s dark fears and anxiousness.
  • Have an in-depth discussion regarding what’s particularly bothering them; in person, doing inspections of creepy areas in a defensive and constructive manner then re-assure safety for putting the child’s fear to rest.

When to seek Specialist Help

Majority of the kids let go of their fears in their early adolescent years. But in case parents spot that fears of the dark are still having an unfavourable impact on the kid’s life and prevents them for partaking in a sleepover or prompts them to regularly keep the parent awake during nights then seeking expert assistance is advisable.

Fear of dogDoggie Dread

What might appear adorable to one can terrify another.

Tackling Tips

  • For helping the child in combating this fright, make him glance though images of canines for familiarizing them to this specie.
  • In case one knows small-sized, quiet dogs then arranging a congenial rendezvous and encouraging the kid to gradually pet it in case there is willingness on the child’s end.
  • Parents must never make the cardinal mistake of forcing their terrified kid for interacting with animals as it would solely aggravate the fear.

When to seek Specialist Help

Canine and feline fears are widespread and mostly resolving when children enter adolescent years. In case the fear still thrives in those years, it is no issue till the time it is not interfering with the kid’s existence. In case it is, and the kid starts to considerably amend his/her routines (refusing to go camping due to cockroaches or refusing to visit buddies since they have a pet canine) then the child might be phobic and requires seeking assistance of a mental health expert.

Fear of bathingBath Times equals Terror Times

Numerous kids are fearful of being sucked down drains.

Tackling Tips

  • Even in scenarios wherein parents explicate to kids that it is physically not possible yet the kid’s developmental capability fails in understanding that big-sized things could not possibly be fitting through small-sized places. However they often comprehend by about 7 years of age.
  • In the interim remove any scary tyke away from bath tub pre-draining and in case fears expand to tubs in entirety then keeping water levels low & employing play things for distracting the child. With passage of time, the kid would become lesser concerned with the bothersome thought or fear.
  • Also parents must not be forcing their kid into entering the tub when he/she is petrified as it would solely be traumatizing them and aggravating matters. One fix – extra sensitive children might require backing off for some time with several submerged baths.

Piercing Noises

A number of kids till 6 years old are fearful about anything that makes lots of noises such a vacuum cleaner, ambulance.

Tackling Tips

  • Even as such benignant behaviourism classically settles with time, one could adopt some strategies for helping kids with such fears in coping better.
  • In case doable, buying and encouraging the kid to play with toy versions of the loud item they are fearful of and then starting a comprehensive talk about the item’s function and furnishing an entire listing of its pros to assist your kid in getting comfy with the product.

When to seek Specialist Help

In case the fear increases and frightens the child to an extent of hampering daily existence then it might be a grave phobia and parents must be promptly seeking guidance of mental health experts.

Thundering and Lightening

Being fearful of thunderstorm is commonly noted among children.

Tackling Tips

  • Explaining to the kid that any real threat is not likely to result from a thunderstorm would help in soothing a petrified kid.
  • Start a logical discussion for explaining the knowledge why thundering & lightening occurs could additionally aid in altering the kid’s viewpoint.
  • Demystification of frightening phenomenon could make the child more at ease.
  • Most importantly, let your frightened kid know that you’d be there for keeping him/her far from any harm at the time of storms.

When to seek Specialist Help

The fear about thunderstorms could subside or metamorphose to full-fledged phobia. In case your kid has become increasing scared once the sky starts to darken or rainfall; if the child is frequently asking you whether thunderstorms are coming or avoiding any activity as he is fearful of being trapped in storms then promptly seeking expert assistance.

Monster & Make-Believe Foe

Tackling Tips

  • For eliminating a kid’s fears of fictitious character try spending additional quality times with him talking about what is actuality and what isn’t. Then, engaging the kid in everyday talks regarding his fear.
  • Asking the child whether he was fearful the previous day & if his fears did come true. With passage of time, doing so would get the kid in seeing that his made-up fear is basically that.

Criminals and other Dire People

Many kids lay emphasis on true life dangers such as a robber.

Tackling Tips

  • Discussing every day protection in the house & school. Lay emphasis on the miniscule prospect of anything transpiring could help allay the kid’s fears.
  • Having the little one pen down stories regarding his fear and asking him for including cheerful endings. Such deeds would assist kids in ably processing the actuality of fears.
  • Seeing the night time news bulletin could aggravate the issue as such programs could be making the kid sense he is persistently enveloped by dangers.

When to seek Specialist Help

In case your kid continually exhibits fearfulness, worries and begins to often be asking ‘what in case this thing occurred’ queries then he might be ailing from general anxiety disorder for which CBT and drugs are of assistance in resolving the issue.

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