7 Fertility Tips For Augmenting Pregnancy Chances

Attempting to conceive could be tough on both the partners. The initial couple of cycles are filled with excitement and hope but normally subsequent to 2-3 cycles couples could often get disheartened. There are so many avenues to explore in regards to conceiving. Some of the couples adopt a chilled-out approach initially which in due course of time evolves into them wanting to know more about getting pregnant. Could a couple take certain steps that could help in enhancing their likelihood of pregnancy? There definitely are some tips that could be beneficial; though they have not garnered significant publicity.

A few commonly known advices are having sexual contact thrice a week; however there are other tips which are rather unheard of. Below mentioned are 7 aids hardly spoken about which could make a major difference to those couples exasperated after umpteen trials of becoming parents.

  1. OPK or Ovulation Prediction Kits

    fertility eggOn a monthly basis, a single egg is released by a woman during a menstrual cycle. The egg has a survival time of twelve to twenty-four hours; hence understanding when one is ovulating is crucial. Following what is mentioned on the ovulation kit would be helpful. OPK’s function by spotting the LH or luteinizing hormone. Just prior to ovulation, there is a surge in the LH levels that could be identified in the urine sample. One could commence using the tests prior to ovulation and continue to use them till one spots a rise in the LH levels. An affirmative ovulation test means that one could ovulate in the subsequent thirty-six hours.

  2. Preseed

    This is a sperm-paly lubricating agent. With ovulation closing in, the body would start responding with alterations observed in the cervical mucous. Cervical mucous dons vital role in conception. Cervical mucous during the fertile phase would be clear, egg-white like in appearance, slithery and stretchy. The sperm passage could be obstructed or hindered due to thick consistency or dry cervical mucous. Preseed works by giving one the additional cervical mucous that provided momentum to the sperm while travelling to facilitate fertilization of the egg.

  3. Vitex

    A herb that has long been employed by women for treating PMS or premenstrual syndrome and regularising periods. However, Vitex could even be beneficial for women having erratic cycles, having no regular ovulation or are ailing from PMS. It is imperative to verify with the doctor prior to taking vitex. Vitex is not suggested for those women who are on a course of Clomid or any analogous fertility medicines as it could nullify the effectiveness of the fertility medicines.

  4. EPO

    EPO or evening primrose oil is the product of the wildflower known as evening primrose that has since long been employed for treating a host of conditions like reducing cholesterol, naturally inducing labour and fertility. EPO was believed to allay PMS symptoms and it could additionally aid in improving quality of the cervical mucous.

  5. Robitussin

    Robitussin has analogous benefits as preseed. Robitussin is an expectorant used for thinning out mucous essentially arising due to coughing as the thinning of the mucous in the lungs helps in coughing things out more easily and aids in clearing the air passage. It is beneficial when used for trying conception as it just thins out the mucous in the lungs, but it additionally causes thinning of the cervical mucous and makes it more slithery. This could help those women that are unable to produce slithery fertile cervical mucous.

  6. Instead Softcups

    During the year 2006, Instead filed an application with the Food and Drug Administration or FDA for marketing their product Instead Softcups as a fertility aid. This kind of application came to light subsequent to scores of women from across the globe revealed on the net about how immensely useful Softcups have been in conceiving and forwarded letters to the company wherein they shared their positive success accounts. The idea behind the use of Instead Softcups is that insertion of the softcup subsequent to sexual contact would aid in keeping the semen in place and for closing the cervix. The basic concept is simplistic as the longer the semen remains near the cervix, greater the number of sperms would be able to make their way to the egg.

  7. The Conception Kit

    The Conception Kit produced by Conceivex is a product that aids couples in the process of conception. The kit comprises of ovulation tests, a sperm paly lubricating agent, pregnancy tests, a semen collecting device and a conception cap. Couples need to use the semen collector is analogous ways to that of a condom while having sexual contact. After this, the semen is to be taken from the semen collector and placed inside the conception cap that needs to be introduced within the woman’s vagina and placed at the cervix. This kit is beneficial for those couples that are faced with male-related problems like depleted sperm count or motility. It could additionally be helpful for protecting the sperm from an unfriendly vaginal environment and it could enhance the likelihood of conception in women having a tilted uterus.

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