5 Pointers For Effectively Curbing Bedwetting

Night times filled with apprehension and distress are commonly sighted occurrences when the child wets the bed. For a parent it translates to yet another batch of bed sheets to be washed and the child loathing the aspect of getting up in the morning with a sense of embarrassment and shame.

Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) does not have to wreck after-dusk hours for the entire family and there are practices that the mother and the child could try that would aid in curbing the problem. Concurrently, one needs to take prolific, affirmative steps for addressing bedwetting issues that could help in improving the relationship between the mother and the child and also lead to an improvement in the child’s general state of mind.

Bedwetting – More Prevalent than One Might Think

Among the vital things to bear in mind regarding bedwetting is that it is a widespread problem that affects millions of infants globally.

BedwettingThis piece of information might not be comforting enough, especially when one has to dip the child’s soft toy in vinegar for the umpteenth occasion in order to get rid of the pungent urine odour. However, most children having nocturnal enuresis stop bedwetting prior to attaining puberty. 15% of children are able to overcome their bedwetting problem with no need for any form of treatment, and the rest could benefit immensely with behaviour therapy, medicines for treating bedwetting or a blend of the two. Bedwetting alarms also seem to be beneficial in many cases.

Behavioural therapy for halting bedwetting in children comprises of inculcating and practicing schedules that diminish the chances of the child wetting the bed. Few hints stated might just do the trick for both the mom and the child comprise of:

Practice No. 1 – Sticking to a fixed night time slumber schedule

The plus point about adhering to a regular schedule could be beneficial in resolving bladder incontinence issues for adults and kids alike.

Regularity and predictability are idyllic aspects even for paralytic individuals who have successfully developed a sense of constancy using elimination that facilitates inculcating consistency in spite of not having any control over their bodies.

It is imperative to avoid getting confrontational and aggressive about sticking to time schedules – it’s acceptable to let the child remain awake for some time longer than normal set routine during the weekends or during school holidays.

Practice No. 2 – Limiting consumption of Liquids post-dusk

There is no necessity to markedly limit water and fluid intake, however it is worth attempting to try and taper the child’s intake of liquids during the course of dinner or afterwards. One needs to bear in mind that bedwetting is not just an outcome of a full bladder during the night, but is due to the child not being able to wake up for urinating when the bladder is full. Hence, water and fluid restriction must not be followed to such as extent that the child starts experiencing undue thirst as the problem is not arising due to too much water. It might be due to a placebo consequence or whether it holds-up the inundation of the bladder enough to proffer slightly more time prior to bedwetting.

It might additionally be beneficial to restrain consumption of beverages that have caffeine such as colas or hot chocolate after dusk. Caffeine is known to raise the rate of urine production. Hence, one needs to be vigilant enough regarding consumption of liquids having caffeine prior to bed in case of those kids that wet their beds.

Practice No.3 – Visiting the loo just prior to Bed Time

Much analogous to inculcating the ritualistic brushing of teeth before bed, one must also ensure that the child must completely clear his bladder or urinate properly to the extent of completely clearing the bladder. This would ensure that the child begins the night with a totally empty bladder.

In some situations, the child might be anxious regarding the use of the potty or would zip off from the bathroom half way during urination, thus being incompletely void. Hence, such kids need to be reminded to unwind and completely urinate. In case, the child is experiencing trouble when trying to follow this routine, they could be asked to pee two times prior to sleep (double voiding method)– asking the child to pee thirty minutes prior to sleep and then once again just prior to popping into bed.

Practice No.4 – Maintaining and reviewing a Bedwetting Diary

Experts noted that those children that were allowed to ‘own’ their issues and take some accountability for mending their problem, could prove to be immensely useful, particularly among bedwetting children in the older age bracket. The objective must be not to embarrass the child into keeping dry through the night, but to proffer a feeling of control and sanguinity in the child that they could put a halt to the bed wetting episodes.

One manner of doing it is by helping the child to maintain a bedwetting diary or journal where something as simplistic as attaching a star on the diary during those days when the child remained dry or something more logical.

Dependent on the age and level of curiosity, some kids become majorly engrossed to test objects that could be causative factors leading to bedwetting. One could assist the child to evolve theories that could be tested. For instance, did the child remain dry on each instance he envisaged himself going to pee prior to going to sleep? Or has he observed the regularity of bed-wetting incidents after he consumes a large glass of root beer following dinner time.

Few of the kids actually get into the nitty-gritty of it, coming up with varied suppositions regarding what it actually was that seemed to be making the difference. It is irrelevant what they test though the most significant aspect is that the child is involving himself in the process and sensing some amount of control. Kids realise that they are not bad and additionally they are in the process of owning up to their issues and working towards resolving them.

Few children prefer to maintain a diary where they like to put a tick mark during the days they successfully carried out their sleep time bladder ritual prior to getting to bed.

Practice No.5 – Making sleep times as pleasant as possible

Experts profess that the emotional marring that might be incurred by the consequence of bedwetting could be far worse in comparison to the bedwetting problem by itself leading to long-term emotional scarring in the child.

Hence sleep times must be utilised as a means to engage in some quality time bonding with the child and addressing the bedwetting issues in a constructive manner. A great option would be either donning a cheerleader stance for the kid or reading out to the child one of the several kids books regarding bedwetting that are obtainable.

The key to speaking to the child regarding bedwetting irrespective of the time of the day is instilling the right sense of balance wherein the problem is neither entirely ignored nor laid over-emphasis on during every night. One certainly would not want to fret every night pondering whether bedwetting would or would not occur.

The perennial aim is mostly to have the kid be invested though not engulfed by this symptom; with families treating this issues much alike other problems in a matter-of-fact manner.

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