35 Prudent Ways To Boosting Breast Milk Production

For comprehending ways to increasing nature’s own bounty – breast milk, it is imperative to decipher how the process of breast milk production actually functions. Breast milk production is mostly about demand and supply, though firstly this is not the case. Subsequent to delivery, the hormonal fluctuations signal the body to commence making milk. But in this time, the body does not clearly recognize the quantity of milk that the baby would require. Hence, this is the appropriate time for establishing an ample milk supply.

Over a span of time, the body would gradually identify the amount of milk to secrete on the basis of the milk being removed from the breasts. Breasts being emptied signal the body to produce more milk. Similarly, breasts that are full give hint to the body for making lesser milk. Regularly emptying breasts in the initial phases of lactation would assure that one has an adequate supply of milk. In case breastfeeding has not started off well or one desires to raise milk supply then below mentioned are 35 beneficial ways of boosting milk production.

  1. Ways To Boost Breast Milk ProductionBreastfeeding on a frequent basis is the key to bolstering the supply of milk.
  2. Both breasts need to be offered at the time of feeds.
  3. Ensure that the baby is nursing for that long to enable complete emptying of the breast.
  4. Avoiding scheduling feeds and following the baby’s appetite signs for feeding.
  5. Allowing cluster feeding wherein the baby engages in breastfeeding on many instances in short spans of time. This behaviour is mostly observed during evening times prior to going off to sleep.
  6. Try toggling nursing in between breasts when the baby gets weary being latched on one breast, and continuing this till both breasts have emptied or the bab  has stopped sucking.
  7. Employing breast compression during nursing wherein the breasts are massaged and the additional milk is squeezed out while the baby is nursing.
  8. Breastfeeding during the night as night feeds are ideal for bolstering milk production.
  9. Pumping subsequent to nursing would aid in emptying the breast. In case one finds that one is unable to pump anything subsequent to nursing, then one could attempt to pump prior to nursing. Babies are more pertinent at emptying the breast in comparison to a pump; hence this could be working better for some of the mothers.
  10. In case one’s supply is less or the child is not showing appropriate weight gain, then it is important to seek assistance from a lactation consultant.
  11. Ensuring that the child latches on properly to the breast and employing several approaches for enabling that.
  12. Seeking assistance from other breastfeeding mothers.
  13. Pumping during nursing is a good option. Pumping on one breast and nursing on the other, followed by swapping sides and allowing the baby to empty the breast that has been pumped.
  14. Having plenty of skin contact with the baby during feeds.
  15. Nursing in bed. One could lie down in bed to facilitate a relaxed posture and allowing the baby to nurse for lengthier spans of time.
  16. Avoid sleeping on the stomach while asleep as it compresses the breasts and hampers the supply.
  17. Allowing comfort nursing in spite of the sounds of gulping are inaudible.
  18. Attempting babywearing and propping the baby on a sling or attempt to nurse the child while in a sling.
  19. Avoiding pacifiers and synthetic nipples.
  20. Steering clear from birth control pills during breastfeeding.
  21. Avoid smoking.
  22. Keeping hydrated at all times, particularly prior to nursing.
  23. Restricting the intake of caffeine.
  24. Attempting to unwind while nursing and not rushing.
  25. Avoiding supplementing in case possible.
  26. Eating a wholesome diet replete with ample protein.
  27. In case the child requires supplement, then considering employing a supplemental nursing method or lactation support so the child could nurse on the breast when one supplements.
  28. Taking a nursing retreat and spending a weekend lying in bed with the baby and nursing as much as possible.
  29. Starting on fenugreek, blessed thistle as both have proven efficacy in enhancing milk production.
  30. Attempt consuming mother’s milk tea that is obtainable at several health stores.
  31. Avoid dieting during breastfeeding.
  32. Consuming oatmeal as few mothers vouch by its effectiveness in augmenting milk supply.
  33. Speaking to the doctor regarding prescription medications such as Reglan for boosting milk supply.
  34. Avoiding decongestants and antihistamines as they could lower the supply of milk.
  35. One must bear in mind that any quantity of breast milk, the child gets from the mother is the best nourishment.
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