10 Hush-Hush Weird Pregnancy Body Quirks – Part III

Dribbling like a baby :

Signs: There are few pregnant women that tend to increasingly salivate – going up to 3-4 quarts in a day. Gums too tend to bleed following a brushing session and one might additionally spot lump on the gums known as ‘gestation tumors’. One need not get hassled about them as they are of no serious consequence and would subside after childbirth.

Reasons: Bleeding from the gums could be traced back to hormone fluctuations, though the reason behind excessive saliva is still quite fuzzy.

Prudent Mechanisms: One must continue the brushing routine though substituting with a softer bristled toothbrush would be helpful. For the increased salivation, sputtering it out would be the sole choice left, though curbing starchy substances in one’s diet and consuming lemon extract along with water.

Women pregnantUndesirable Skin Growths :

Signs: Dark or pigmented blotches on the face, a darkish line in the abdominal area, varicose veins on the arms, chest area, neck and face; small specks of skin dangling from the breasts, underarms or the neck.

Reasons: Due to the additional production of melanin; surging production of blood is the reason behind varicose veins; and skin tags are because of rubbing or friction, alongside hormones are to be blamed.

Prudent Mechanisms: The blotches and varicose veins would normally become paler after delivery, though not totally fade away. One could load up on sun-block cream to lower pigmentation and conceal the veins with the aid of make-up. The skin tags could be surgically removed by a dermatologist.

Nipples Growing in Size :

Signs: The areolar region tends to become a darker shade and start to overtake the breasts. In the meantime, smallish lumps develop just about the nipple area and might even exude fluid.

Reasons: The darkening is nothing but yet one more citing of excessive pigmentation due to hormones, with some professing that it is an innate means of assisting the newly born child to detect the breasts. The tiny lumps are glands which aid in keeping the tightened skin around the nipple area lubricated.

Prudent Mechanisms: Abstaining from going all-bare while sun-basking as being exposed to the sun might lead to lasting hyperpigmentation. Though the areolar region would possibly always have a slight darker colour as compared to former times, they would mostly shrivel in size when one halts breast feeding.

Legs appearing like Topological Map :

Signs: Swelling, protruding purple veins or blackish veins, mostly noted in leg region, though also noted in the labial region. Factually, haemorrhoids are nothing but spider veins of the anus.

Reasons: Blood getting accumulated in the veins, normally because of the pressure exerted by the uterus.

Prudent Mechanisms: One must avoid standing for protracted periods of time, propping up the legs whenever possible and avoiding crossing them. Also, substituting normal hose to support hosepipe and normal sitz baths could aid in soothing haemorrhoids.

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