10 Hush-Hush Weird Pregnancy Body Quirks – Part II

Irrepressible  Farting :

Signs: Distension, bloated sensation and at times discomforting and hurting cramps felt in the abdominal area and the uncontrollable urge to gas out.

Reasons: Due to the surge of progesterone in the body during pregnancy, the intestines tend to become slothful in functioning.

Prudent Mechanisms: Notionally, the treatment of constipation would be beneficial in minimising gaseous episodes and additionally allay bloating. Though, it is not always as simplistic as it seems. One needs to be watchful of one’s dietetic intake to keep away from certain gas-producing foods like the common offenders – broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, corn, cauliflower, onion and aerated drinks. If these amendments fail to cause any noticeable difference then one needs to seek medical advice.

A sense of Stuffiness though not ill :

Signs: One might experience a sense of continual cold and conking out could get blatantly crass.

Reasons: One’s surging hormones and production of blood could lead to the mucous membranes swelling up, drying and even bleeding.

Prudent Mechanisms: The nasal administration of saline drops, staying adequately hydrated and employing a humidifier would help assuage the symptoms.

If one is experiencing nose bleeding, then instead of tilting one’s head backwards, it is always better to keep the head propped straight and pinching the nostrils till the bleeding ceases till nearly 5 minutes. Placing cold compresses on the area of the nose bridge and pinching again when deemed necessary. One must seek medical assistance in case the bleeding does not halt despite the above steps.

Early signs of pregnancySounding much alike a Saw Machine :

Signs: One might distinctly recollect how our grandparents sounded while asleep. Well, doubling that noise level is what many pregnant women sound like when snoozing.

Reasons: Those swelling in the mucous membranes are yet again the culprits – as the nasal congestion compels one to respire through the mouth, thus leading to snoring.

Prudent Mechanisms: Nasal administration of saline drops prior to going to sleep and during the course of the night when needed. Sleeping sideways and going in for a body prop cushion would prevent one from rolling over. Always using the humidifier and lastly propping oneself up on few additional cushions would aid in relieving indigestion during the night.

Unabated Sweating :

Signs: Profuse sweating noted all over the body right from the underarms, in-between thigh areas, abdomen and trickling down one’s face, neck and back.

Reasons: An overdriven metabolism and additional blood being pumped via the body leads to the skin warming up. The body attempts to cool this by perspiration.

Prudent Mechanisms: Favourably dressing in layered clothing, keeping away from clothes that lead to heat being trapped or any synthetic or non-natural material clothing that stops the skin from breathing freely. Ideally, one should adequately stock up on loads of fluids and using deosprays or anti-perspirants for the armpits and talc-devoid powder generously all over the body.

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