10 Hush-Hush Weird Pregnancy Body Quirks – Part I

Undoubtedly, many mommas-to-be radiate a particular pregnant allure – till the moment they unexpectedly break wind or snore like a booming fog whistle through the night. Factually, a host of cruddy stuff goes on inside the body during pregnancy – the kind of occurrences one’s pals might be too discomfited to open up regarding them – and the ones that the doctor would probably let it slip by deeming them not much of a health risk. Pregnant women are constantly confounded with queries about what is taking place inside their bodies, to which they are simply told that it is a usual occurrence. However, when one is feeling excessively gaseous or detecting odd effects on one’s skin, the last emotion one could feel at that moment is normal. Well, here’s a low-down on the reasons behind those oddities and how to aptly tackle such pesky issues.

Recurring discharge :

Signs : A viscous whitish or faint yellow vaginal secretion could be a persistent phenomenon during the course of pregnancy, leaving one with no option but to constantly feel the need to change underwear. Speaking about it to one’s doctor is crucial if one is experiencing fetid stench, itchiness, burning sensation or the colour of the discharge turns a greenish-yellowish tinge or turns out to be of a thicker consistency or runny, all of which indicate the presence of an infection.

Reasons: Raised hormonal fluctuations, blood emitted by the vagina.

Prudent Mechanisms: One must ideally opt for light sanitary napkins and use wipes for a prompt cleanup session, steering away from douching or using scented vaginal deosprays that could have irritant properties.

pregnancy symptomsIncontinence Issues :

Signs: An uncontrollable urine leak when one laughs and sneezes.

Reasons: When one is advised to gulp down close to sixty-four oz of fluids on a daily basis, the additional 10lbs or more of foetal weight and the uterus exerting pressure on the bladder, it is no wonder that such situation would occur is most likelihood.

Prudent Mechanisms: One would need to excuse oneself for a quick zip to the loo – that is bound to become a recurrent aspect of pregnancy. The longer periods of time one would try to control urination, the greater would be the seepage. Hence, one must always use thin maxi pads and maintain an extra set of underwear at any point in time.

Ultimately, inculcating a daily routine of Kegel exercises would aid in boosting muscle strength, tautness and tone. One firstly would start with emptying the bladder, followed by squeezing or tightening the muscles that are involved in urination and continue holding for a count of twenty and then gradually releasing. This contracting-releasing mechanism needs to be done for five times during the day with adequate time gap in-between them.

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